Cinelinx: Why Hate Beyond And Love The Walking Dead?

Cinelinx: "After Beyond had released, there was mixed reactions from it. Is it the people that hold a vendetta against David Cage, so they simply will not say good job to him? Are they mad that this is a Sony exclusive? Did the hype get to them and this game underwhelmed them? I have to ask these questions because I couldn’t help but do a little research into the matter and find a bit of contridicting remarks from fans and professional reviews."

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PopRocks3591768d ago

I haven't played Beyond, and despite the reviews I would still like to. But I can say I loved The Walking Dead because it was designed intelligently, keeps the player on their toes and is written quite well in my opinion.

WeAreLegion1768d ago

Both are incredible games, but I think the story of Beyond was a little better and so was the acting, obviously. But again...these are two of my favorite games of the generation. I highly recommend them to anyone who enjoys a good story.

SolidGear31768d ago

This has to be the best experience of my life next to The Last of Us, Heavy Rain, BioShock and Catherine. Don't just buy, go back in time and buy it day 1 like I did. Got the steelbook edition.