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Submitted by Rearden 776d ago | screenshot

New Battlefield 4 screenshots show the game in stunning detail

The latest Battlefield 4 screenshots show the game's stunning details. (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Majin-vegeta  +   776d ago
God damn roof campers.
MWong  +   776d ago
Yup, after my first day of the beta, I noticed the camping level had went back to the days of BC2. Those screenshots look amazing.
famoussasjohn  +   776d ago
Adding roof access on Domination is one of the worst ideas. There was a game that had half of their team up there and they'd just shoot rockets and m320s down on you if you tried capping B or C.
MWong  +   776d ago
I wasn't able to try it but you probably could counter that by going up the elevator in the store next to the A flag. I know in Conquest and Obliteration, this access point is available.

I know last night in a game of Obliteration about 7 out of 24 players on both teams we actually PTO'ing. So the match was esentially 3v4. Everybody else was rooftop camping.
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Majin-vegeta  +   776d ago

You do know there are ladders on the side when playing Domination right?Also you can bait them with the elevator drop c4 close door get out quick and let it go up they will most likely run to it and *SURPRISE MOFO'S*.
crazyboom  +   776d ago
I loved those roof campers I just got out my sniper rifle and boom easiest headshots ever :) I just can't believe they never wised up lol.
DirtyLary  +   776d ago
Can't blame the kids. The map screams rooftop sniping.
Razmossis  +   775d ago
"By now, everyone knows that Battlefield 4 is one of the best looking games out there."

Honest question.
When people say these things ^^ are they referring to the PC version?
Because I have owned and played BF3, and I have the BF4 beta, on PS3. And to me, these games look absolutely horrible. Unfinished looking, thin, blotchy, bloomy.

I look at The Last Of Us, MGS4, Uncharted, GTAV, etc, and can clearly see that these games look beautiful, GTAV in a broader scale (not up close to things) maybe. I see nothing good looking about BF games when I play them.

So are they talking about PC?
Conzul  +   775d ago
^^ yes.
Crossbones  +   776d ago
I hate when they sit up there an snipe all day.
SirBradders  +   776d ago
Then jump in a chopper or jet and blow them of the roof ;-)
MidnytRain  +   776d ago
It is IMPERATIVE that your squad is balanced. I can't tell you how simple a concept this is, but people want to sit and fail because 4/5 squad members are engineers, or assaults, or recons. If you have one of everything and you stick together, you don't have issues like that.
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Matt666  +   776d ago
its like being a real sniper then, staying in one spot picking off targets, its takes a lot more skill to pick a target off from a distance then to be a qs fag
VENOMACR1227  +   776d ago
Pretty sure a snipers job is to camp. I know it's a game, but have you ever seen real snipers running around on the battlefield with their sniper rifle? No, they are hidden somewhere sniping from a far. If people want to sit on top of buildings, find a way up there and get em.
lsujester  +   776d ago
That's still loads better than the people running around close quarters with the damn airburst. That weapon is nothing but cheap kills, especially if you have an ammo box reloading it.
Blachek  +   776d ago
I spent a few hours talking one day to a retired military officer. He was an actual "military commander" he wore headsets that were tapped directly into both Army & Airforce.

After contact with the enemy he was the one who debriefed those involved. Ranging from gun fire exchanges and reconnaissance missions to bomb defusing and cleanup.

He said the 1 type of guy that was the most intense and intimidating, were the snipers. They are trained to be cold blooded, referring to successful shot marks as "pink vapor" or the cloud of blood that is left behind.

He even shared a story about a mission he was involved in where he debriefed a sniper who, due to chatter through their headset, needed to engage somebody with their knife.

Real snipers don't just sit a mile away, they participate. A sniper is more likely to be within a stones throw of hostile enemy than he is his own teammates.
KwietStorm  +   776d ago
I even spawned on Engineers camping the roof. Engineers.
Feralkitsune  +   776d ago
If they're working with the recon in their squad, that's actually a good strategy for harassing or shooting down the helicopters on the map. The recon laser designates, Engineer shoots them down with a rocket.
kazuma999  +   776d ago
Camperfield 4 woot.
solid_snake3656  +   776d ago
Still better then Camping on Duty Ghosts
DeadlyFire  +   776d ago
Camping is tactical. If you don't like it kill that camping bitch and get over it. Its not like you don't know their hiding spots.
NaAsAr  +   776d ago
tell me about it. i have nightmares of the orange silhouette.. :(
hellzsupernova  +   776d ago
Guess what snipers do. They sit in the same spot for days at a time waiting for the target, it's a strategy get over it
H0RSE  +   776d ago
But in real life there usually isn't 16 men in a 24 man team designated to sniping... and the snipers are actually trained snipers, not wannabe "elite assassins."
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TekoIie  +   776d ago
Dont worry. Those camper's will have a heart attack when they hear the words, "commander is online" ;)

Hellfire and brimstone. Only in Battlefield :P
DeadlyFire  +   776d ago
I have not even thought about that, but Commander mode will also be a great way to keep snipers on the move. Artillery that rooftop. :0
Ashby_JC  +   776d ago
So will the commander have the ability to move snipers on his side??
Rimeskeem  +   776d ago
The main one looks super photoshopped
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   776d ago
Graphics don't make up for the sub-par gameplay.
EastBayPunk  +   775d ago
Mortar ftw
BALLARD32  +   775d ago
I saw six guys come up in an elevator together in the Beta. No joke. Camping is going to be so bad in BF4.
Bobby Kotex  +   775d ago
But you can see then in stunning detail now.
WarThunder  +   776d ago
Looks good? yes. stunning? Nope not even close...
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ShinMaster  +   776d ago
These are the least impressive screenshots I've seen of the game so far:
Maybe it's the art direction..? Or bad image compression. And is this on PC? I see some current-gen type issues, like the shadow on the first pic not connecting with the character.
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Bolts  +   776d ago
Obviously PC pics. Look at the textures.
WarThunder  +   776d ago
These screens don't look stunning as they say.

I don't understand why the 10 disagrees. They look bad for next gen. Also i played the Bf4 beta and the online dose look good but nothing impressive o so called "next gen" graphics...
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Kleptic  +   776d ago
From what i can tell, both of those screens have the background glitch many talked about it in the beta...

The city skyline would often 'fog out' depending on the viewing didn't look necessarily bad, it just made anything more than 300 meters away look extremely hazy or something. My machine did it all through the beta regularly...and it never applied to the playable area, only the background...

and both of those pictures seem to have it...the first is on top of the skyscraper...and normally there is a lot more visible detail in the background from that angle...and the 2nd pic is at ground level looking over the water (from where the building collapses)...which is clearly messed should be able to see the big battle ship back in that bay launches missiles and stuff, but its glitched it out it appears...

not defending anything...I think the game looks great, and plays great for the most part...but its not a crap ton better than bf3...just a bit more refined with some subtle effects added...I do, however, think those pics have a confirmed bug that happened pretty often for a lot of us...
Pandamobile  +   776d ago
Are you new to N4G or something? Pretty much every submission with screenshots uses one or more buzzwords like "stunning", "phenomenal", "gorgeous", "leaked", "breath-taking", "mind-blowing", etc.

It's hit-farming 101.
GentlemenRUs  +   776d ago
On the PC & PS4 ;)
TechMech2  +   776d ago
And Xbox one you fanboy
GentlemenRUs  +   776d ago
A fanboy? What?

IMO = In my opinion

I only play on these console as I have no need to buy something else which does the same thing...
TechMech2  +   776d ago
Oh. Sorry for da confusion. Enjoy your ps4!
TechMech2  +   776d ago
I don't care about this. Battefield 3 was okay, but I really would rather buy a ps4 and play some Killzone!!!!!!!!!! As a future Xbox one owner, I encourage any gamer buying a ps4 to buy Killzone sf. I'm not buying it, and those who are buying a ps4 should enjoy that they have the first next gen fps!!!!!!
Pandamobile  +   776d ago
We've had next-gen FPS games for a few years now.
TechMech2  +   776d ago
Okay. On consoles. I have a mac. I don't really game on it.
cpayne93  +   776d ago
Sort of kills the excitement of the next gen jump when you game on pc.
0ut1awed  +   775d ago

Exactly, but when we act "meh" about next gen consoles everyone on N4G thinks we are fanboys.

And yes, I'm buying a PS4.
ssj27  +   775d ago
KILLZONE SHADOW FALL is indeed the fps to get and play this year!
GG seems to have done a great job in ever sense and you are not been rip off with the dlc prices.. for $20 you get 6 more multiplayer maps or 8 and 8 4 players co op horde maps . Plus 6 free initial maps.

KILLZONE has the best gameplay, best multiplayer, custom game modes, best visuals, best balanced multiplayer design, it's just the best.

As a gamer you will lose a lot if you choose to hate on Killzone, if you love games give it a try and fall in love with it.
Pandamobile  +   775d ago
KZ2 and 3 both left bad tastes in my mouth. Your argument about "best gameplay" is your own opinion. To me, it isn't much more than a pretty-looking COD game with clunkier weapon handling.
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ssj27  +   775d ago
Obviously is my opinion, same as Killzone 2 and 3 leaving a bad taste on you is your opinion.

You are a pc fanboy who always bash killzone 2,3 even before kz2 launched .. I find hard to believe your words, you are a Killzone hater.

You have no honest word towards Killzone so you should stop talking about it since you can't have a honest felling, control your ego.

COD is just another COD the same game after COD4..
BF4 is just BF3 but now most gamers can experience the way it was meant to be experience with 64 player's online.

They are two fun games, cod has many fans because is easy to play and kids love it and BF bring bigger scale battles with vehicles and obviously many love that! It's indeed a battlefield

KILLZONE is bringing old features back like custom rooms, bots to play as you like and perfecting what's right, the gumplay, balanced maps and balanced design overal. Amazing visuals and fun gameplay! No auto aim, it makes Killzone a very skill
based game and is bad ass.
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Jovanian  +   776d ago
Nice low resolution. Stupid articles that claim screenshots are in 'stunning detail' and the resolution is sub 1080p...
cunnilumpkin  +   776d ago
bf3 maxed on pc still kills everything I have seen and played of bf4

played pc beta, all ultra, still nothing like bf3 maxed

maybe those new graphical settings will make it look better, hope so, game is still hella fun

the console versions of course will be an improvement on ps4 over ps3, xbox1 over xbox360 , that will be a big leap for console only players
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Majin-vegeta  +   776d ago
Yoy just had to bring your st*pid PC Elitist here didnt you?bubbled down for trolling.
Kleptic  +   776d ago
^wtf? All he said was bf3 currently looks better than BF4...there wasn't ANY pc elitist crap anywhere in his comment...

I don't entirely agree, though...BF4 seemed to have enough little stuff added to look 'better' to me (i didn't bother with the PS3 version, only talking about PC)...but it ran MUCH worse than bf3, and the visual vs. performance margin didn't make up for it...meaning it didn't look so much better that the poor performance was acceptable...

although, i wasn't running ultra...just left it on high not sure how much a of difference that makes...

so i'm just hoping the release version is significantly better, performance wise, than the beta...which was the case with bf3, anyway...
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0ut1awed  +   775d ago
It defiantly looks similar but worse?

Trolololol, I can just hear that playing in my head right now. Guess you never stopped to look at character or gun models. Not to mention the water which looks loads better than BF3.

Maybe it's because I'm playing in 1440p so it's more obvious? idk.
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R6ex  +   776d ago
This is getting MANTLE ! :)
BobBelcher  +   776d ago
obviously PC.
ab5olut10n  +   776d ago
PurpHerbison  +   776d ago
Tzuno  +   776d ago
Guess what baby? It's the PC version mwuahahaahahahhhhh!!!!
#10 (Edited 776d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
leogets  +   776d ago
yes your right. it is the geeks version.
kB0  +   776d ago
K we're on News for Gamers...your accusing others of being geeks? come on really...

What none geek would be on this site? We're all geeks.

But, the thing is...not to be a douche bag:)
stellarock420  +   776d ago
to be honest this is my opinion on this game i have played the beta and i don't see many changes theirs a few cool new features they added yea it looks better then bf3 but i am yet to see any next gen or any large improvements to the game.i think ill stick to cod in till i see something that blows me out from under my cod rock to buy this game on any gen. no i am not a cod fan boy i play bf3 alot. your comments welcome.or dm
ssj27  +   775d ago
Try KILLZONE SHADOW FALL its a better game in every way and balanced.
sorane  +   775d ago
It's not even close to a better game. Gameplay in Killzone SF is archaic compared to Battlefield. Killzone is copied from countless other fps with the exact same gameplay and adds absolutely nothing new.
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ssj27  +   775d ago
Lol BF actually copy the heavy feeling and animations from Killzone 2.
KILLZONE Add a lot of new thing to fps genre and most of them a good! COD add many things and so does BF, they are all fun to play.

Killzone SF has better dlc value and prices $20 for season dlc. CoD and BF cost $50 and that is a joke and a huge rip off.

KZ SF has custome game mode, play as you like the way you want and bots! You can't do that on cod or BF.

KZSF has a well design and actually balanced Multiplayer and is skill based team based gameplay, no auto aim bs, you rank by doing objectives and not by killing.

KILLZONE clan system makes bf or cod clan system seem very outdated.

Killzone has better visuals and technology and don't bring destruction in here, that is just a game design, same for the 64 players online, Killzone has ri entities online and is not that far from it plus is just a design choice to have 24 players online, Killzone 2 had 32 and it was too much.. 24 is to bring a fun balanced gameplay.
#11.1.2 (Edited 775d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
sorane  +   775d ago
From what I could actually understand from your post I did not see one thing new that Killzone adds even though you said it adds "a lot" of new things.

"Killzone has better visuals and technology" No it doesn't. Battlefield is doing much much more than Killzone.

"BF actually copy the heavy feeling and animations from Killzone 2." Huh? Battlefield has been around doing those things YEARS before any Killzone.

"Killzone has ri entities online and is not that far from it" Huh?

"KZ SF has custome game mode, play as you like the way you want and bots! You can't do that on cod or BF." Custom maps aren't anything new I've been using custom maps for 20 years, and the new CoD has bots along with plenty of other games. Bots would be hard to do in Battlefield since it's doing so much more than Killzone.
#11.1.3 (Edited 775d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
ssj27  +   775d ago

Who care that old games have done custom game modes, bf or cod don't any more and Killzone is bringing this amazing feature back.

I mean KZSF has 24 players and up to 48 entities the " bots " for example bf4 has 64players a d up to 64 entities. Lol exuses on bf4 not having bots but whko care about it it's just a plus that KZ has not a big deal for most. (Codg has bots?)

And bf controls where just like any other fps until kz2 came, bf went with a kz alike weight feeling and animation.

Ok let me give you the stupid what killzone has introduced in fps:

I may be wrong but.

Warzone, fluid dynamic mp gane modes that change(usnd in bf and moh after kz)
Heavy realipstic feeling controls and animations(used in bf and fc3)
Tactical spawns (used now in moh)
Team leader spawn (used now in bf, moh)
merchs(titanfall is copying)
Jump packs(not jets packs but jump packs, titnfall is copying)
Brutal melee animations introduced in kz on ps2.
Dynamic weather wind effects in a np kz2 train dlc (throwing a grenade against the wind was a epic failure lol)

And that to name few that just came into my mind.
In the end is not even the points.

Thle point is to do everything that defines a fps good and killzone does many things better.

Better AI than BF or COD.
Better dlc value $20 vs $50
Better visuals no arguments here, even pc fanboys are disappointed of bf4 visuals)
Better and custom game modes, unlimited ways of playing a online Mach.
Better simetrical maps design.
Better art.
No auto aim is a huge important feature for me and only Killzone has it!!! Auto aim for competitive game play is a sad cheap feature.
sorane  +   775d ago

"Better AI than BF or COD." Haven't seen any proof of that. I've seen some very dumb ai in the Killzone vids.

"Better dlc value $20 vs $50" No dlc value is good because dlc sucks. Thanks for that consoles.

"Better visuals no arguments here, even pc fanboys are disappointed of bf4 visuals)" Uh the single player BF4 reveal looks much better than any Killzone footage I've seen. You're talking about the BF4 beta which even the devs said looks worse than the final. Either way Crysis 3 beats them both.

"Better and custom game modes, unlimited ways of playing a online Mach. " Uhh just no.

"Better simetrical maps design." Than BF4 maybe because it's not symmetrical and isn't meant to be. Much better symmetrical map designs in other games though from what I've seen.

"Better art." Your opinion only because I've seen better art.

"No auto aim is a huge important feature for me and only Killzone has it!!! Auto aim for competitive game play is a sad cheap feature." So you think Killzone is the only game with no auto aim? I can't remember the last fps I played that had auto aim. I will agree with the second sentence though....
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ballsohard2013  +   776d ago
whats so damn stunning about these screenshots? Gotta love the way people exaggerate. Lmfaoooo

It looks decent but nothing we havent seen before. Now that pic of Lebron on 2k14 on PS4 looks fcuking amaaaaaaazing.
kB0  +   776d ago
I dont get looks like BF 3 on PC:S
PiperMCFierceson   775d ago | Spam
PurpHerbison  +   775d ago
Those have to be console shots. Cause they don't even look that great and if they were PC shots, why are the shots so small?

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