Should You Play... Beyond: Two Souls

TSA writes: "While our reviews aim to give you an honest verdict, some games divide opinion, leaving you as a consumer confused as to whether you should buy a game or not. A personalised opinion can’t always be found even after reading dozens of reviews, so without undermining what we’ve already written, here’s a simple guide to whether you should buy the latest polarising release or not."

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Abash1678d ago

You definitely should, Beyond: Two Souls is an amazing experience. David Cage is a master of allowing you to emotionally connect with the characters in his games

bjmartynhak1678d ago

I have to disagree with the poor dialog. I thought it was ok.

However, the disjointed plot is a fact. I love non-linear narratives, but Beyond was exaggerated segmented.

Another point:
"Did you enjoy Heavy Rain?"
If you answered "yes", just play the game, you'll like Beyond for sure.

Hazmat131678d ago

for me it was different, its good but a not a master craft. im sure all beyond fans will disagree with me like crazy. so its okay. thats it.

DigitalRaptor1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

I'm a Beyond fan, and I agree it's not a master craft.

But a very, very good game. It left something behind when I finished it, which is the sign (for me at least) of a wonderful experience. The ending i chose made me feel empty, so I'm going to play through again and choose a different one.

Grindlefly1678d ago

just completed, Awesome game

MrMister1678d ago

It's a good rental. But full retail price? No. I respect Cage, but it is not really that great a game. It's a 7.5 in my opinion. Glad I trusted my gut and only rented.

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The story is too old to be commented.