I am not, and will not be, playing Pokemon X or Y

From the article, "“It’s Pokemon time!” screams the entirety of the internet, the majority of [Jerimiah Mueller's] friends and co-workers, and roughly 33.3% of my family. “Pokemon X/Y is out and it is the best Pokemon ever!, I’m soooooo excited!” Yawn. I’m going to commit a blatant act of gaming blasphemy and tell you all right now: I just couldn’t care less. In my entire life, I have just never seen even the slightest appeal to the series."

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Nerdmaster1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

That's OK. I'm not in the least interested in GTA V and it doesn't make the game less popular. Your lack of interest won't affect Pokémon, either.

But for the 6 hours I've played Pokémon X until now, it truly feels like the best Pokémon ever.

klecser1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

Video Game Nerd Upset For Not Being Part Of Latest Game Trend

The article should have a picture of the author with folded arms, with a speech bubble that says: "Haruuumphhh!"

Majin-vegeta1647d ago


OT:OP really has no idea how hard the comeptitive scene is in pokemon,Hell it takes more skill than 99.9 of todays games.

klecser1647d ago

Lot of variables. Imagine Texas Hold 'Em with a 700 unique card deck....;P

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