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The Valhalla Knights series is like that guy who hangs out at the bar every night and plays darts by himself. As you pass by, you stop and watch him throw a couple rounds because he's not half bad. After all, his shots hit the board, and he can even call out a couple numbers and hit them with precision. But when it comes down to landing a bullseye at the end of a session, it seems that, no matter how much he practices or excels at various other parts of the game, he just can't ever seem to seal the deal. Thus, you ultimately leave slightly impressed, but also disappointed in his inability to live up to the standards he himself set. That's how the latest installment in the Valhalla Knights series can be best explained: a game that comes up just a bit short in the end.


Should read 3.5/5

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dark-kyon1765d ago

good review,better what others what look how the reviewer not play too much the game and left what the initial impresion adn not see his positive things.