Penello Confirms Xbox Compute Resources Includes Dedicated Servers For All Xbox One Games

Microsoft's Albert Penello confirms via Twitter that All xbox one games will have dedicated servers

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NYC_Gamer1806d ago

That's huge for gamers who enjoy online gaming

Lalanana1806d ago

No doubt this is great news for all gamers who want an xbox one.

Can't wait.

Eonjay1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

This probably explains why they wanted always online in the first place. They always planned on supporting games with cloud processing. It explains why they weren't initially trying to have a more powerful box as well. Even though the cloud can't process graphics and physics, it can process other things like AI, which can potentially reduce the CPU load on the console; allowing it to focus mainly on graphics.

JokesOnYou1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Hell Yeah!....good stuff.

XBL is going to be even sweeter this gen. Feels like so much is going on right now, the UI with all the social features, kinect with voice functionality, tv integration, dedicated servers standard, cloud computing, and of course the great launch lineup, plus the future social and digital plans. Im really looking forward to experiencing X1 in my living room for myself.

Gozer1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Yeah, the cloud is a joke isnt it? Goodbye host advantage, farewell modders|cheaters, adios host migration, thanks but it hasnt been fun lag.Save that for sony fanatics to deal with.

Ps4 will not have dedicated servers for COD Ghosts. Hell they dont even have dedis for Killzone SF. You might as well go ahead and eat your crow, because the cloud is for real and sony cant afford anything but P2P. I know their pr department has tried to talk around it, but rest assured you wil be getting p2p servers with the ps4.

XB1_PS41806d ago

I've heard this before, but they never made it a huge point. I'm glad it's out to the world now.

Septic1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Wow! Now that is MEGATON!

Power of the Cloud doesn't seem so funny now.

abusador1806d ago


Funny thing is all announced games with dedis on xbone have been announced to have dedis on ps4 ala cod. You lame troll try harder Sony has been doing dedicated servers since ps3 games yet you guys acted as if live was better look yes first party Sony games had them then and will be having them now :)

nukeitall1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Megaton! However, this just confirms what has been coming out all along. It is just official now.

This is huge though and I'm buying all my multiplayer games on Xbox One for sure. Skype, instant switching, smart matchmaking, reputation system, Kinect video feed and dedicated server means multiplayer is best experienced on Xbox One!

Thank God we are no longer getting subpar P2P or proxy server online games anymore at least on Xbox One.

Good buy lag switching, laggy connections and hopefully a lot of cheaters.


Nvidia has demonstrated that light can be processed in the cloud. Who knows what else?

B1663r1806d ago


This has been confirmed since May. This is just a re-confirmation of something we already knew. It is just so incredibly awesome that certain groups of people were in disbelief.

Remember Blows statement about 300k virtual servers spun up on a single computer?

It is shocking because people forgot it under the weight of all the FUD emminating from N4G and gaf.

loulou1806d ago

so, with the way they are talking about the cloud and dedis, then i think that we can see where this will be taking xbox live. dedicated servers, plus server side calculations.

on bf when you get shot round the corner it is because the calculations are done client side. but with server side calculations, getting shot around the corner will be almost nonexistant.

spin it anyway you want it, regional dedicated servers that run games with server side calculations is a massive win for on-line gaming on the xb1.

megaton indeed

DragonKnight1806d ago

Dedicated servers are megaton now? *sigh* Such low low standards.

@Gozer: Here's proof that you and all the other Xbox One trolls are talking sh*t about dedicated servers on the PS4... specifically when you said this...

"Hell they dont even have dedis for Killzone SF."

What's that? Did you just eat crow? Yeah you did.

Not enough? How about Call of Duty Ghosts? Will that have dedicated servers on PS4?

Oh it will? Did you just eat even more crow? Yeah, yeah you did. I suggest you shut up about dedicated servers since you don't know sh*t about them, especially on the PS4.

P0werVR1806d ago


Dedicated Servers for ALL games IS MEGATON!


Anyways, for ANYONE not capable of seeing it's benefits. It's obvious you don't want to even consider it's reality, might as well stick your head in the dirt.

The truth of the matter is, these are the very subtle yet effective reason why Xbox One will be better overtime. Once folks get a good grasp of the interactivity of Live and it's social media Xbox One will win overtime.

JokesOnYou1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

DragonKnight you aren't exactly helping your case with that KZ SF link, unfortunately heres what the Lead Designer KZ SF dev is calling dedicated servers in your link:

"Boltjes confirmed that Shadow Fall will have dedicated servers. However, the servers will only act as a hub between different game clients and any game logic will not be hosted on the servers. “Almost all logic relating to you (e.g. moving, shooting and taking damage) runs on your local PS4,” stated Boltjes, “with only a very small portion of the game logic (i.e. mission/scoring logic) running on the ‘session master’, one PS4 in the game selected for its connection quality.”

-I'm sure KZ fans will enjoy KZ SF online, hell I enjoyed alot of online gaming without dedicated servers last gen but frankly that sounds like a PR way of describing P2P servers with minor mission/scoring??? handled on a dedicated server. wth, so all the actual important online game logic between players is still being hosted on a local hardware connection. Seriously its very transparent PR talk so much so that if it were micro describing dedicated servers in this way folks would be either laughing hysterically or accusing micro of dirty PR tricks.

DragonKnight1806d ago

@P0werVR: Why would I be mad about something that is meaningless? As a PS3 owner, I've been experiencing dedicated servers for 7 years now. The fact that Xbox One fanboys think dedicated servers is something so big is pretty sad.

@Jokes: You didn't read the whole thing did you?

"This means that people with slower Internet connections will have a better (keyword “better”) time playing the game than if matches were player-hosted. Of course, satisfaction is never guaranteed when you mix the disastrous formula of lag and competitive play."

Key aspect of that quote is "than if matches were player-hosted."

The fact that matches AREN'T player hosted literally means it's not P2P. I admit that the wording sounds odd in how he explained it, but the worst you can say about it is that it's a different kind of dedicated servers.

Plus, Gozer said CoD Ghosts on the PS4 wouldn't have dedicated servers and it does. As does Driveclub. So care to explain where this fiction that the PS4 doesn't have dedicated servers originated from? Especially considering the PS3 had them and it would be suicide for any company to go backwards like that?

B1663r1806d ago


Dedicated servers are not a megaton. Free dedicated servers are. It is not only a megaton, but Sony just lost any notion of being a relevant MP console, and the console war.

Game over. Better luck next time.

DragonKnight1805d ago

"but Sony just lost any notion of being a relevant MP console, and the console war."

LMFAO! Did you really just say that? BAHAHAHAHA! You wish fanbot.

And, for the sake of argument, let's say you're right (you're not), losing the notion of being a relevant MP console is far better than losing the notion of being a desired console at all. I.E. the position Xbox One is in now.

B1663r1805d ago


Let me give you another example of how this is utterly destroys and ruins Sony's whole business model. Why this is a deathblow to Sony.

A indy developer releases a game on the X1. Game price is free (as in free not free to play). The developer uses the X1 users compute units to mine for bitcoin. The more popular the totally free game is the more money the developer makes.

You can go ahead and cry now, I won't judge;)

DragonKnight1805d ago

There's a few problems with your logic there bud. Firstly, just a bit of a joke mind you but, indie devs releasing games on the Xbox One? LMAO!

Moving on. Don't confuse "free" dedicated servers with Microsoft being generous. The likelihood of free games on the Xbox One not attached to Microsoft themselves is slim to none. Hell, they micromanage free updates and DLC.

Third, bitcoin is like stock. Just because you have a lot of it, doesn't mean you have a lot of money.

And finally, you are make the huge and erroneous assumption that everything you said can't/won't happen on PS4.

Plus, you completely glossed over the real fact that more people want the PS4 than the Xbox One. So I reiterate, fanbot, better to be in a position where the notion of being a relevant MP console doesn't exist, than to be in a position where the notion of being a desired console doesn't exist.

The saltiness that will come from you when Microsoft fails hard with the Xbox One will be used to provide the sodium needs of the entire planet for generations to come.

JokesOnYou1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

"The fact that matches AREN'T player hosted literally means it's not P2P. I admit that the wording sounds odd in how he explained it"

-lol if it were truly dedicated servers there would be no "however" in Mr Boltjes comment which he goes on to clearly say:
 “Almost all logic relating to you (e.g. moving, shooting and taking damage) runs on your local PS4,” stated Boltjes, “

-Im no tech wiz but unless you have never ever read the slightest bit about dedicated servers vs p2p then you know he basicly just described very close to how p2p works, frankly its insulting they only put mission scoring on some pseudo server just to claim it has dedicated servers.= thats WHY the wording sounds odd because its basicly P2P, hell if half the game logic elements he listed were running on a master server/hub instead of the host then you could at least call it hybrid dedicated servers but again out of his own mouth its just mission scoring.

btw we are not talking about hit and miss dedicated servers for random games using small scale servers for a short period of time like 360 & ps3 did for very few releases, this is large scale localized servers available standard for ALL online games. No setup by the devs just tap into micros network.

B1663r1805d ago


I am assuming that Sony will not put together a cloud effort in the next month, or even year. After that they ~might~ be able to cobble something primitive together. But Azure will be larger than the Amazon cloud by the end of 2014, so Sony has a few years (and billions of dollars they don't have) to catch up.

Like I said, between dedicated mp game servers, The massive amounts of CPU and GPU (and yes Azure supports GPU compute) that each x1 console has, well that is going to (and already does) show in the games.

Also... Where is Sony? Microsoft is showing us all this amazing secret sauce, but Sony is all quiet. Why is that?

Tell you what man, you go ahead and enjoy your game suspending, and knock off friends list, while I am snapping my friend list to the side of the screen, and quickly jumping from server to server;)

Septic1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )


Sorry, fully comprehensive dedicated server support for all titles is not a BIG deal? I'm sorry but you're showing your insecurity here by downplaying this extremely important feature. Dedicated server support is what MP centric gamers like me have been asking for, for a long time. We're not talking about dedicated server support for just a handful of titles but for all.

If this is true, it's a game changer. If only you could see it or admit it.

" The saltiness that will come from you when Microsoft fails hard with the Xbox One will be used to provide the sodium needs of the entire planet for generations to come."

How does this kid have more than one bubble?

TRD4L1fe1805d ago

seing all the disagrees is just sad. i Just dont understand the hatred

DragonKnight1805d ago

@Jokes: You're trying to make a claim about something when you don't even know if your claim is accurate. P2P has a player host, dedicated servers does not. Killzone will not thus it's not P2P, how hard is that to grasp?

@B1663r: Every time someone mentions "da powah of da cloud" they will be met with the following.

Because you believe in magic and fairytales.

@Septic: Only people who aren't used to dedicated servers think they are a big deal. You have no idea how many online games there are going to be so you have no idea how many games are even going to use dedicated servers and yet here you are, calling this a game changer. The gen hasn't even started yet for Sony or Microsoft and you're already calling game changers thinking something massive and new is happening.

This is what I mean by low standards and believing in magic. Xbox One fans are so easily swayed by the smallest things that Microsoft could introduce their own "OtherOS" and you'd all believe it equates to having PC gaming on the Xbox One. It's just dedicated servers, it's nothing new unless you only played on the Xbox 360 in which case pity is the word of the day.

I always love how people show how much they care about bubbles. Stop letting them rule you Septic, they don't matter and they are on their way out soon.

gaffyh1805d ago

This was known since original reveal. They said that every game would get cloud support free, and all the devs are using it for is dedicated servers at this point. Great for gamers nonetheless, but not new.

@all those claiming this is a megaton for Xbone - It is good news, but considering the fact that all of Sony's first party and all major third party multiplayer games already have dedicated servers this generation, it's actually not that big a deal. The only benefit is that games with "tacked on" multiplayer, will have significantly better online matches, perhaps fighting games as well because these tend to have a heavy host advantage.

Point is, any game that is actually trying to excel in multiplayer will have dedicated servers in the first place.

JamieL1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Wow Dragon, I have to admit, they just exposed you for exactly how insecure and a completely bias, ignorant, and desperate you really are. I mean it's not like we didn't know what a complete Sony slave you were, but this takes it to a whole new level. Hope you're proud, because you look so very dumb right now. Why would you waste so much time and thought on such unimportant “causes” when there are much better things to aim all that energy at? To each their own, but man you’re such a waste.

@ gaffyh
So MS providing dedicated servers for all games isn't good news because Sony's first parties did that with the PS3? I don't understand your argument. It's good when Sony has dedicated servers on exclusive games of the past, but when MS say's every game in the future on the One will have them, its, to quote you "it's actually not that big a deal". Ok you Sony boys aren’t even making sense any more.

Septic1805d ago


I swear, you chat so much nonsense.

" Only people who aren't used to dedicated servers think they are a big deal. You have no idea how many online games there are going to be so you have no idea how many games are even going to use dedicated servers and yet here you are, calling this a game changer. "

WTF kind of logic is this? Seriously...

I'm not used to dedicated servers? I've been gaming for years, been playing competitive games online for years, on PC and on consoles. P2P leaves A LOT to be desired.

This is a game-changer if true. Anyone who has devoted a respectable amount of time playing online games will know just how much of a headache P2P connections present.

"Xbox One fans are so easily swayed by the smallest things "

Why on earth are you so desperate to downplay this so much? The smallest thing? This is one of the BIGGEST attractions for players like me when it comes to next-gen.

I swear, one day we need to have a proper oral conversation; I really want to hear someone actually say some of the things you type. It boggles my mind how people like you justify your downright erroneous way of thinking.

DragonKnight1805d ago

@JamieL: You just wasted an entire paragraph stroking Xbox fanboy egos and said nothing. If you think that PS4 won't have dedicated servers, show me a link that says they won't. If you think dedicated servers is such a big deal when it's been present all of the current generation on PS3, then you have low standards. That's fact, not ignorance. The Xbox 360 had almost no games with dedicated servers, especially first party games because Live was a P2P service. That's a fact. So of course Xbox fanboys are going to think something like having more dedicated servers is a big deal. They didn't get to experience it much this entire gen. Do you have something that proves that wrong?

@Septic: First 3 paragraphs - You brought up your experience playing online, and all you can say is "P2P leaves A LOT to be desired?" Guess what, I agree with you there, fortunately for me I didn't have to worry about that on the PS3. You're talking like a seasoned Xbox Live veteran who has had to deal with P2P more than he'd like. By your point of view having dedicated servers on the Xbox One is awesome, but for the rest of the world we'd like to say "welcome to 2006" or earlier in the case of PCs. Dedicated servers isn't new, it's isn't a megaton, it's Microsoft finally catching up to everyone else. Feel free to deny that all you want to, but Microsoft is late to the party and only Xbox One fanboys are drooling over this. Everyone else has already experienced playing a majority of games with dedicated servers.

It's like saying that the Xbox One using Blu Ray is a megaton. Nothing new for people who already have a PS3, game changer for the Xbox One? Really?

"Why on earth are you so desperate to downplay this so much? The smallest thing? This is one of the BIGGEST attractions for players like me when it comes to next-gen."

Desperate? My original comment was "so dedicated servers are megaton now?" That sounds like desperation to you? The replies I got were from people like you hyping this old feature already present everywhere else to the nth degree acting like it's going to forever change the face of gaming. I can see why PC elitists must be laughing their a$$es off at this. This is a small thing Septic. You only think it's big because you are going from virtually no dedicated servers to all dedicated servers (which remains to be seen in reality).

Why not take a look at the viewpoint of someone who hasn't had to deal with P2P as much as the 360 fanbase has hmm? It's not a big deal. It's certainly not a "game changer" either. That implies that Microsoft just won the next gen before it even started and you'll see that that's not the case soon enough.

gaffyh1805d ago

@JamieL - Point me to where I said this isn't good news in my previous post please.

webeblazing1805d ago

It always take a Sony fanboy to mess up a positive article that not about sony

JamieL1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

@ ghaffy (or whatever)

"@all those claiming this is a megaton for Xbone - It is good news, but considering the fact that all of Sony's first party and all major third party multiplayer games already have dedicated servers this generation, it's actually not that big a deal. The only benefit is that games with "tacked on" multiplayer, will have significantly better online matches, perhaps fighting games as well because these tend to have a heavy host advantage."

You didn't say it was "bad", but tried to downplay it as much as possible, making it sound like it meant nothing.

Clear enough for you?

gaffyh1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

@JamieL - Well the fact that I said "it is good news" totally invalidates your point. All I stated in my post were facts, if anyone can't handle that, then its their problem. It's well-known that every multiplayer game worth its salt this gen had dedicated servers, those that didn't, didn't deserve to be played, and as I said, this feature will boost those games moreso than the games that would have had dedicated servers anyway. Do you really think TitanFall wouldn't have had dedicated servers if this feature didn't exist? Or Destiny on PS4 just because it is on Xbone cloud?

I've no doubt it's great news for the Xb1, but people need a bit of a reality check to what it actually means. It's not nothing, but it's not a megaton by a long shot.

Also note how I actually mentioned your username properly.

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AngelicIceDiamond1806d ago

Now that's what I'm talking about. Reduce lag advantage helps allot.

Deadpoolio1806d ago

Uh NO actually it wont....The people with garbage internet will still continue to have garbage internet, which is what will hinder cloud usage for BOTH consoles....Especially with all the nitwits who already have garbage internet and feel the need to use the wireless making it even worse, combined with the inability most people seem to have with actually properly setting up a router...Da powa of Da cloud is still limited by Da powa of Da user's internet

XB1_PS41806d ago


It does help, goofy. You are saying it's not helping. The people with garbage internet already know they won't be able to play lag free. The fact that the host is a dedicated server will eliminate lag for all us normal folk.

Gozer1806d ago

And the best answer to these people having crap internet is dedicated servers. Just think, their crap internet will only effect them. On the ps4 you will have to deal with them being host of your game and all the frustration that comes with it. I bet you are really looking forward to that.

Xsilver1806d ago

@GOZER oh snap so you own both of these consoles so you been online with both of them shiiid i ain't even know it tell me more-_-.

Schizoid1806d ago

Reduce host advantage, yes. Reduce lag, no. The server will try to even up the playing field so it's still cool to have them...

Eonjay1805d ago

It depends on the game and circumstance.
1. For large deathmatches, it will be better than p2p... the only downside is that their is a single point of failure. I'm sure most cloud services will be able to migrate
2. For fighting games dedicated servers will be worse that P2p because fighters are TOO dependent on personal connections.

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DeadManIV1806d ago

No cross platform play though - unless MS was willing to pay for dedicated servers on other platforms

CRAIG6671806d ago Show
DeadManIV1806d ago Show
CRAIG6671806d ago

haha, what happened to DeadMan3? you sir are an imbecile/keyboard warrior! F**kme? ha, pathetic mate.

DeadManIV1806d ago

Okay Craig tell me what's wrong with what I said originally. And all of you guys too

Deadpoolio1806d ago

Um there is no cross platform play because M$ doesn't want it...It was already offered to them for FFXXIV and they refused to allow that to happen....Sony has been open to the idea since the beginning

XB1_PS41806d ago


It looks as if this news is hurting your feelings, you might want to stop making yourself look bad.

BallsEye1806d ago

Why would you want cross-platform play? I'd hate to play BF4 against PC where tank turret can be rotated with the speed of light using a mouse. It's just silly.

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malokevi1806d ago

I game online almost religiously... I have long since grown tired of linear/structured campaigns fought against lifeless, thoughtless AI. When I'm gaming offline, it's with friends, and against endless waves of increasingly stronger enemies. That, or GTA, which is just a riot.

I'm extremely excited to see how MS can transform/improve online gaming in the coming generation. I've been excited for this cloud stuff since the reveal. No longer will I get shot in the face from safely behind a wall.

wishingW3L1806d ago

indeed. Now this is something worth the fees to play online unlike current gen where people paid to play on P2P servers. Funny thing is that now that Sony enforced a fee on PSN too their counter is the free monthly games and discounts.

Pogmathoin1806d ago ShowReplies(1)
Kayant1806d ago

Does this mean they changed their stance from offering it at heavily discounted price as hinted by the re-spawn devs? If true then this is indeed huge as a former MP heavy player especially in Gears this will be a Godsend. OMG a next-gen Gears with dedicated servers oh may that will be beautiful.

I hope Sony can get some servers in time as they don't have the portfolio of servers MS have at their disposal. Finally there is real value in paying for XBL. Good job MS.

RadioActiveTwinky1806d ago

I believe Judgment has dedicated servers.

Kayant1806d ago

Yh so did Gears 3 until the moved it to only DLC maps and it's not for all matches this is for all matches & will last longer :)

BallsEye1806d ago

Free dedicated servers and computing for all developers is HUGE. It basicly confirms every game will have dedicated servers. No more crappy p2p that ruins the fun!

Animal Mutha 761806d ago

Lots of good Xbox One news of late. In many ways it's a strong proposition and the use of MS's enormous resources for data centres and software support will ensure that their connected experience will be rich and hard to beat.

Very few companies have the clout and money to even get close to what MS have invested in. Certainly Sony can't and their strategy will probably focus on the strength of their first party and the consoles own hardware abilities.

I think MS are in a good place and it's nice to see some positive news for a change that isn't or can't be instantly rubbished by the media or Sony fans. Dedicated servers for all mp games is a big deal.

HugoDrax1805d ago

"Dedicated servers for all mp games is a big deal."

Yes it is, see I like to play games like Bomberman live & Super Puzzle Fighter which uses P2P. Sometimes when I play simple games like that, if the PING connection is low on my end or my friends end, the gameplay is tremendously affected. Excited to know that MS Azure dedicated servers will improve the online gameplay for all game genres on XB1. Only a few more weeks till next gen gaming!

Zancruz1806d ago

Yep dedicated servers is the answer for online gamers... But I wonder IF it's the same Cloud Severs that GTA Online is using? With all of the connection issues, Data loss and players I see with lag in GTA Online, I still question the reliability of Cloud.

DeeJayQc1806d ago

euh.. no. RS are using theyre own servers.. but there's not enought of them to support the flow of players.
MS with the supposed 300k servers, real and virtual, should be enought to support everything. 300k servers is a shitload of servers.. a really big shitload!

Today, virtual servers with same specs of a real one, will produce the same power.

kewlkat0071806d ago

Damn those server are REAL...fn Awesome.

Only on xBOXWan..

StoutBEER1805d ago

I just realised something... these arguments are extremely annoying and utterly pointless. I come on here to see people bitch at eachother on whos console is better?! God im retarded.

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Chupa-Chupa1806d ago

Microsoft knows their servers.

GiggMan1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

A server is just a server. A piece of hardware. The technical marvel is in MS software. It's nothing for Microsoft to set up a bunch of Virtual Dedicated Servers. Most people think that this 300,000 server claim from MS for the cloud is going to be individual servers but they are wrong.

Sony could do the same thing but it would cost a little more.

Kayant1806d ago

Yh they could but lets face the facts here. MS have an established long running cloud infrastructure Vs Sony who don't and had to buy Gaikai & are teaming up with rackspace for their cloud solutions so far.

Sony will never be able to match MS anytime soon or go toe to toe on this because cloud is not a primary part of their business like it is for MS. Not bashing Sony here this is just how things are.

GiggMan1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

@ Swiggins how do you know they aren't? I know for a fact that a Windows server can support up to 4TB of RAM and unlimited amount of Virtual Servers using Hyper-V and a data center license. I have 2 virtual dedicated servers at home and use them on a regular basis.

I'm not knocking the cloud and it's the future/present but it's not that big a deal. One Physical Operating System Environment (POSE) can yield lots of Virtual Operating System Environments if the hardware is good enough... Never mind, just disagree with me. I don't know what I'm talking about...

Gamers really don't care about the how and the why as long as it works, that's the main thing. The potential is awesome.

TheUltimateGamer1806d ago

Pretty happy to hear about this. Looking forward to Nov 22nd!!

WeAreLegion1806d ago

So, Microsoft is letting every developer use their dedicated servers for free?

I don't think so...

Something isn't right here.

mcgrottys1806d ago

No we fund it by paying for xbl, where else do you think that money goes to when microsoft is one of the top ten funders of R&D in the public market. And besides, microsoft also has azure (their cloud computing software that even rivals amazon and google and I'm not talking consumer level stuff like skydrive and google docs I'm talking raw computing power) which is currently one of their most important technologies this decade maybe even more important than xbox itself.

DigitalRaptor1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

I wonder. What have you guys been paying Microsoft for, for the past decade?

Cause it's sure as hell not dedicated servers. I'd like to see you come up with a response for that one.

bigboirock1805d ago

to put food on the table for the people that made xbox live so fun over the years