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Josh of RealGamerNewz writes, "The main conflict taking place in BF4 revolves around the country of China where protestors often meet a brutal response from their communist government and the CIA has infiltrated the Shanghai Opium Gang that is said to run the government there, or in the game known as Admiral Chang’s regime. Admiral Chang has cancelled any form of democratic / republic goings-on in the region of China in and replaced it with complete martial law. Things really amp up when your team hits Singapore to find a scene of destruction as China has destroyed the USS Titan and smoked everybody in its crew. What ensues next can be described as the greatest military struggle of all time between the world’s two largest superpowers."

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malokevi1768d ago

I have read practically nothing about this game. I don't even care. It's going to be amazing, that's the end of it.

BF3 is one of the only games I have ever played right up until the release of it's sequel. That is truly the mark of a great game.

Hitman07691768d ago

Really intelligent lol, gotta live blind patriotism based on past experience.

malokevi1767d ago


ahaha. Well, at least we all KNOW that you can form a coherent thought! Thanks for the highly intelligible input!


Hitman07691767d ago

Yeah cry about it buddy. And I never said anything negative about Battlefield either so don't start crying about that too.

venom061768d ago

this game is going to be EPIC!! cant wait.. just hope the CoD fanboy reviewers @ IGN dont shoot it down..

Hitman07691768d ago

Hey man, it only matters what you think - you're the one paying for it. Play what you like.