Meet The Knights Of The Order: 1886

GameInformer: We revealed in our cover story on The Order: 1886 that developer Ready At Dawn is fusing Arthurian lore with an alternate view of 1886 London. The group we call the Knights of the Round Table is referred to in this new game as The Order – a force of dedicated individuals founded by King Arthur centuries ago to confront horrifying half-breed creatures. In the year 1886, Sir Galahad is one of the most respected knights in The Order, but he needs all the help he can get fighting the rebels and other threats lurking among London. These are three of Galahad’s most trusted allies in his battles throughout much of the game.

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FRAKISTAN1802d ago

This game is beginning to sound very Cool.Can't wait for gameplay

FlameHawk1802d ago

So excited for this game. I'm sure this is going to be very story driven and gameplay driven since its a linear game, sort of getting an Uncharted feeling but different settings.

TheOneEyedHound1802d ago

Same here. That Uncharted feeling is the reason I love gaming. That feeling when you wake up in the morning, I get high off it.

Viking_Socrates1802d ago

This game sounds very promising, hopefully more information on the game becomes available.

BABY-JEDI1802d ago

This game is shaping up to be something really special. Love the theme & setting

godofboobees1802d ago

I love how everyone in the comment section of the article is complaining about historical facts yet have nothing at all to say about guns that shoot eelectricity. Oh new age gamers, you complain about everything.

Enemy1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Hey at least I'm surprised no one's complained about the fact that Lady Igraine's tits aren't hanging out. If this had been any other game, she'd be showing them off like she's going to the beach *cough* KojiPro

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The story is too old to be commented.