Pokemon X/Y Enters the Top 10 Best Opening Weeks of All Time

Don’t ever count the big N out. Pokemon has, for the second time, entered the short list of best opening weeks of all time at number 8 with 5.5 million copies. Pokemon White/Black edged it out with 6.77 million copies in its first week, and it’s the second best selling video game this year within its first week behind only Grand Theft Auto V.

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AWBrawler1681d ago

i hear crickets chirping. why no heat on this? too positive for you?

link2Dpast1681d ago

There all busy secretly playing pokemon in there basements loving the game. They will be here soon I bet you a Shiny red gyarados.

_QQ_1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

aww but i wanted Nintendo to fail :( /j

Kalebninja1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

nintendo will never fail its first party titles are always a big hit

edit:dnt say wii u did becase its only been a year and a lot of great games are coming out not everyone nintendo console has a great start

_QQ_1681d ago

yes i know, thats why i put /J which means Joking, at least i think it does.

Kalebninja1680d ago

lol i've never seen anyone use that

link2Dpast1681d ago

Yea there hiding in the tall grass waiting for a negative comment to pop up. For all the hate Nintendo gets it just drives me nuts how all the hate people show are the same people who want there games and say they should go software oonly.So all those people who seem to not be here are the hypocrites. Ooo Yea also this game is the shizznez. Last pokemon game I played was silver for game boy Color. This game has that same feeling of something new and refreshing

exfatal1681d ago

Great news for nintendo, everyone to busy playing pokemon to hate like they normally do. not that its a bad thing though.. just kinda empty...