Reasons why Pokémon Z will be launched

Third title of the new generation may be on his way.

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Lovable1805d ago

Its inevitable.

There will also be three new pokemon next year

Pokemon S, Pokemon M and Pokemon N. Obviously, pokemon N will have more features...

Scrivlar1804d ago

Was this meant to be an S&M joke but you mixed up the letters?

Lovable1804d ago

God! Can't believe you haven't noticed it yet. Fanboys will surely know what I mean...

ErryK1804d ago

I believe we are missing two "E"s.

IMightBeRetarded1804d ago

Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo?

RBlue_Desire1804d ago

That , was his point.

Pokemon N will have more features cause , nintendo.

Scrivlar1797d ago

Haha I've read the other comments and get it now, Better late than never I guess! Just started playing Y last night it's fantastic!

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-Foxtrot1805d ago

Can't wait for Pokemon Z, I'm holding off X and Y so I'm more blown away with the game

Blacklash931804d ago

Or X2 and Y2. Or Z will be a convergent sequel to both.

Hey, they surprised us last time with B2 and W2.

thehobbyist1803d ago

I'd like if Z was both on Wii U and 3DS with trasnfarring saves.

kirbyu1803d ago

Zygarde is gonna get an X form and a Y form and we'll get X2 and Y2. Giving the game ANOTHER accidental Mega Man reference.