Sony Buys Out Twitch for One Day So You Can Watch Ad-Free

In a PR Stunt today Sony will Buy Out so users can get a complete Add-Free Experience - After watching the PS4 Add of course. The Sony Add-Free Time on Twitch will Last from 9AM to 9PM PST.

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codelyoko1374d ago

PR Stunts gotta love em :P

hakeem09961374d ago

How is it ad free when the ps4 ad is shown . its just a Playstation ad day .NOT AD FREE .

NewMonday1374d ago

This is not add-free

More like exclusive advertising

scott1821374d ago

It's one add! good lord, get off the couch and do some jumping jacks for 30 seconds....

Blackdeath_6631374d ago

to the people complaining about it not being ad free because a ps4 ad will be shown, NO SHIT. ofcourse they will benefit in some way if they are going to be paying a large sum of money. besides i would rather watch one ad that is relevant to gaming and have the rest ad free than to have a live broadcast constantly interrupted by ads that are not at all relevant

XB1_PS41374d ago

Lol Why does the article say Ad free?

Reverent1374d ago

It seems the PS4 has a built in calculator now. Is there anything it can't do?

FamilyGuy1374d ago

It says "ad free" because after watching the initial sony ad won't be any more for the rest of your time on the site.

"and then the rest of their viewing experience, regardless of which channels they may switch to, will be uninterrupted until 9pm PST.”

1 ad then completely ad free for 12 straight hours. It's a good thing.

ThanatosDMC1373d ago

Meh, my ad blocker and host file blocks everything off of twitch.

Anarki1373d ago

There are ads on twitch? since when? lol

P0werVR1373d ago


Well you don't need to get all defense force on them.

The article is misleading. It should have been "Sony Buys Out Twitch For A Exclusive Day of Advertising PS4". Not this load of malarkey this guy posted up.

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UnholyLight1374d ago

Now if "Micro$oft" had done this...

Smart move by Sony, just makes me laugh that nobody hates on them for doing something that if Microsoft did there'd be no end to the war on this comments page

UnholyLight1373d ago


The truth is hard to swallow isn't it

Rimeskeem1374d ago

i wish this wasnt on a school day

reko1374d ago


call in sick.

Rimeskeem1374d ago

i will just get myself sick

LonDonE1373d ago

LOLOLOL you made me LOLOL so hard cheers dude

JsonHenry1373d ago

I have adblock. But I appreciate the gesture.

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Crazay1374d ago

"Ad" free....Jeez Louise ..who approved this?

FullmetalRoyale1374d ago

I'm gonna ad him to my list...


HammadTheBeast1374d ago



It'll be over real soon.

codelyoko1374d ago

It is add free tectonically.... if you ignore the small add you get once in the 12 hour span :P

Sev1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Woooosh! Right over your head.

I am shaking my head so hard at you right now. It's so obvious you wrote the article. It all "adds" up.

MightyNoX1374d ago

I think, maybe, he suffers from a.d.d.

DragonKnight1374d ago

I frickin' lol'd at tectonically. now earthquake free.

Campy da Camper1374d ago

Tectonically? Are continents shifting in the ad?

torchic1374d ago

nearly died laughing at Sev, DragonKnight & Campy da Camper's responses! well done fellas!

definitely bookmarking this one :D


WARNING: We advise discretion as watching Twitch today as you may experience motion diziness and be affected by secondary tremors. Always remember that in an emergency you should not duck under objects or stand under door frames, but lay down close to bulky objects that are not likely to compress easily and may create voids if the ceiling collapses.

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Sev1374d ago

Thank god. I fucking hate addition. Subtraction and multiplication for me all day long.

HyperBear1374d ago

What are your thoughts on Division?

Sev1374d ago

My thoughts are divided. Sometimes I like it, other times I just can't get into it.

Ducky1374d ago

I'm waiting to see more footage.
It looks cool, but you never know with Ubisoft.

HammadTheBeast1374d ago

And what of the remainder of your thoughts?

M-M1374d ago


He'll probably give you a fraction of it later.

paul-p19881373d ago

Anyone for a slice of Pi?

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adventureghost1241374d ago

What about division though are you some sort of fanboy?

logan_izer101374d ago

It's called an "Ad", not "Add". It's short for advertisement

MightyNoX1374d ago

'Ad-Free' - A certain other company would most probably hiss and melt like the Wicked Witch at the mention of those words.

HammadTheBeast1374d ago

I hate those guys so much...

Always going on and on about Mario...


DestinyHeroDoomlord1373d ago

I don't know why but I read your comment and all the replys very quietly. ..