Rockstar Fixing Problems Of Missing Cars and Apartments on GTA V Online

There have been reports of missing items on GTA V for the last few days, now Rockstar have sent out a Tweet assuing that the problems are being looked into

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Persistantthug1739d ago

GTA5's online is not as good as GTA4

Fil1011739d ago

GTA4 online sucked compared to 5 dont get me wrong I know it has issues but 5 is miles ahead

Persistantthug1738d ago

I played alot of the GTA RACE mode.
I had more fun with GTA4 Online.

So far, GTA5's online has given me tons of connection problems, less modes, less enterable buildings, and DELETED characters.

Mr_cheese1739d ago

It's sad really, but I haven't been back on the online since the early stages when my character got deleted 3 times. I will eventually have another blast, but I hope these problems don't occur when they start releasing expansions.

GarrusVakarian1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Its been more or less smooth for me since release with a few hiccups but since the last patch the game runs like butter, trust me. Play with friends (solo is a completely different experience) and you will have one of the most fun times you can have on a videogame.

GarrusVakarian1739d ago

Woah, i haven't heard of this before. Every time i put the game on and go to my garage all my cars are still there, my apartment too. Lets hope it stays that way.