PS4 'Perfect Day' Commercial is the Perfect Ad for the Console

Hardcore Gamer: Professionally shot, clever and quirky, "Perfect Day" is an attention grabbing commercial that sets an exciting tone for the impending PS4 launch.

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GalacticEmpire1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

Perfect Day

Perfect Ad

______ Console

Fill in the blank (this should be amusing)

blackbeld1613d ago

Nice ad.

PS4 starting the BOMB!

MWong1613d ago

Does anybody know what that first sequence was? Was it Elder Scrolls Online? Amazing commercial, glad Sony is back to good advertising. I hope Kevin Butler will comeback.

I remember the PS3 B3YOND campaign advertising, with the rubix cube & demon doll baby.

Blaze9291613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

I don't get it. Microsoft was slammed hard for not showing any games and gameplay their first NFL commercial yet Sony is doing the exact same thing and it's being praised as the greatest advertisement, *Kanye Voice*, of all time!?

smh lets be real here people, that commercial made no sense and I'm SURE the majority of NFL viewers will connect 1:1 with it as far as selling a PS4 goes and the nice sing along tune about nothing.

That commercial will most definitely make them want to buy a PS4. Because when I watched that, i thought, "damn, i want a PS4" Ffs they didn't even SHOW a playstation! Not even a controller.

From that, the average consumer is just supposed to see PS4 and a light bulb goes off in there head about what its all about?

no. But hey, that's just my opinion.


@BigShotSmoov007 "and makes anyone who is getting a PS4 at launch super excited to get one"

bam you just said it yourself: "anyone who is getting a ps4 at launch."

So this ad is just for anyone who is getting a ps4 at launch? Okay, in that sense sure - great ad...i guess.


"How is watching football related to gaming?"

This commercial will air during an NFL game...that's how? So you're marketing this for the first time on television, to a bunch of NFL fans. And they're all just supposed to know what games these actors are imitating and go "SWEET, i WANT A PS4!"? I dont think so

With that I go back to @BigShotSmoov007, so what exactly was this ad "very effective" at doing? I am LEGITIMATELY trying to figure out - I'm not trolling or nothing. I'm dead ass confused.

BigShotSmoov0071613d ago

I'm getting a X1 at launch and getting the PS4 next year. I'm not too impressed with the launch lineup of the PS4 which is why I'm putting off getting one until next year but come on, that was a great ad. You don't get it? Really? It's clearly showing and making fun of it's exclusive launch titles. I thought it was funny and very effective and makes anyone who is getting a PS4 at launch super excited to get one. Don't be blind like alot of these sony fanboys on here and walk around with blinders and hate. Give credit where credit is due, that was a great ad for Sony and the PS4.

FlameHawk1613d ago

Are you serious? How is watching football related to gaming?
You are just making up things like saying they were slammed for not showing gameplay but they were slammed for the ad not being related to gaming at all.
If you think the Perfect day commercial is not gaming related, LOL your definition of gaming is a joke.

OrangePowerz1613d ago

Well it was still about their games. You had Elder Scrolls Online, DriveClub and Killzone. Compare that to this commercial and tell me there are on the same level.

Tooly1613d ago

@Blaze They where acting games out in this commercial Wtf are you talking about

XabiDaChosenOne1613d ago

What is so difficult to understand? Microsofts commercial had nothing to do with gaming at all. This did, plain and simple. Stop looking for things to cry about.

Mad Aizen1613d ago

The defense of the indefensible is so painful to watch, but the tears are oh so tasty.

AridSpider1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

@OrangePowerz "Compare that to this commercial and tell me there are on the same level."

Hmm lets see:

Both are commercials for the first time on TV and during a NFL game.

Xbox One's commercial was about, and is in fact titled, NFL on Xbox One. This commercial, during a NFL segment with NFL football fans watching, showcases how the Xbox One and NFL work 1:1 delivering an amazing experience for NFL fans to enjoy on Xbox One. Buy an Xbox One off that.

PS4's commercial, I'm sorry, musical, is about three games who if I was not informed, would not know what games they were. They are singing about the best day ever and a whole bunch of weird stuff is going on besides driving - nothing weird about racing in a car. During a NFL game. Aaaaand that's pretty much it. Buy a PS4 off that.

So @OrangePowerz you're right - they aren't on the same level. 'One' is very effective and the other is well, something else.

@Tooly what games? How is anyone who watches that supposed to know what games were featured in that musical? Besides the obvious Killzone (which aint that obvious to average consumers), the other two is a give or take.

You all need to get off your high horse.

BigShotSmoov0071613d ago

What was this ad trying to do? I'll tell you, it lets people know that the next playstation, which alot of people that aren't even true gamers like us know that the new playstation is coming 11-15-13. It was a funny ad that wasn't too serious towards itself which will appeal to the casual as well as highlighting to real gamers that know's about the games, these are the games that's coming out and you can look forward too at launch, Killzone driveclub elder scrolls online. So it's trying to appeal to two seperate parties in one ad.

fattyuk1613d ago


That ad:

Made me smile

Made me laugh

Made me think about gaming

Made me think "f**k yeah" for playstation

and I look forward to alot more gamer orientated playstation ads as we have been blessed by many good ones in the past (and a few clangers lol) kev butler FTW!

ProA0071613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

@BigShotSmoov007 "these are the games that's coming out and you can look forward too at launch, Killzone driveclub elder scrolls online."

That's what you got from the musical? How is ANYONE supposed to get that from that musical? How is anyone supposed to know what games they were? Two men racing and singing - no clue what that game is or about. Some weird fight and clue what that game is. People have orange eyes? What game is that!?

That was a terrible commercial and we all know it. If this was airing on G4TV or something, sure. Not the NFL

BigShotSmoov0071613d ago

ProA....If you didn't realize from looking at that commercial that they are refering to Killzone, Elder Scrolls and Driveclub then your not a hardcore gamer and they ad shows that your in the casual market. I knew right off the bat from watching it the first time that it was referring to those games.

UnHoly_One1613d ago

Well said.

Terrible commercial that has zero chance to sell a console to anyone that wasn't already going to buy it anyway.

Th4Freak1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

First of all, I bet most of the people who watched the commercial recognized Elder Scrolls.

Besides you must be extremely retarded if you didn't get the message, they didn't show the console or the controller because everybody know how it looks, it doesn't matter if they're gamers or not they know because it was showcased on every media channel.

And the point of the commercial wasn't show PS4 games either, in such case they would have show in-game footage.

Now, for those XBots who didn't get the message is: "Have a perfect day playing on a PS4".

Omegasyde1613d ago

The Ads purpose was to show two "bro's" competing against each other.

Speaking of "bro's" - It seems like there is alot of hipsters complaining.

Bro's hate hipsters and hipsters hate bro's.

Could Sony fan's be bro's and Xbox1 fans be hipsters??

IS Blaze a hipster because he dislikes a popular Ad because it's cool?

malokevi1613d ago

Wow, blaze, settle down. What do you mean "no games". The whole commercial was based around games... sort of a live-action representation.

I thought the commercial was awesome. Never seen people so happy to be nearly killed by flying machine-gun robots. Really no need to bring XB1 into this thread... makes you seem kind of like a deranged fanboy.

Two different commercials, two completely different target audiences. End of story.

iamnsuperman1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

The fact you completely missed the gaming link is beyond me. As you bring it up I will say it. The Xbox One advert was purely about its "watercooler" feature with a party being centred around the NFL game (it was shown after). It wasn't about gaming it was about its NFL connections. This advert reminds me (in a more uplifting way) of the infamous Second life PS2 advert. This time is just two people acting out games. You can criticise it effectiveness but to say it isn't gaming related it just nonsense. It has two people acting out what you do in games

RadioActiveTwinky1613d ago

Blaze I totally understand what you are saying. My initial thought was, "would of been nice if they showed gameplay at least. "

Then you made me realize. If people dont know who the actors are portraying what makes us think they will know the actual game character/s.
The actors in reality are portraying gamers them selfs. With what kind of games they will be able to play.
Three things stood out. Medieval/rpg violence, Racing, and Guns!!! Guns being the big one.
What casual gamer doesnt love Guns and Violence.

scott1821613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

over analyze much? The commercials sole purpose is to grab the audiences attention and to get them to look into the PS4.

I am getting one because the X1's games don't impress me, the PS4's do, bottom line. The commercial isn't for people who already know, it's for people who don't really know about it and to get their attention. It's badass imo.

ShinMaster1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

Dude, quit acting so jelly.
All it takes is for that person to know what a PlayStation 4 is.

I didn't even know Xbox had an NFL commercial nor have I heard of anyone slamming it.

rainslacker1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

Apparently you didn't know that football watchers enjoy quirky amusing commercials. You should tune into the super bowl some year. There's a lot of talk about who will have the funniest, quirkiest commercial. Budweiser tries to outdo itself every year. Some even have guys singing while doing manly stuff.

The commercial said PS4 and a release date, and showed images of the types of games you'd play. Everyone knows what PS4 means a new PlayStation is coming, regardless of if you pay attention to this stuff or not.

NumOnePS3FanBoy1613d ago

Not sure if serious or stupid. These things are called LIVE action commercials. look it up

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s8anicslayer1613d ago

lol...the title sounds like a One Direction song. Sing the title to the tune of the "The best song ever" and you'll understand.

MrDead1613d ago

Wash your mouth out, this is Lou Reed.

Kids these days, you don't deserve ears all you care about is your Biebers and your twerking.

DeanSanchez1613d ago

I don't think most people get the point of this commercial.

This is a perfect sony ad because it shows the variety of experiences you'll get to surround yourself with. It's true, the uninformed will not know what specific games are being showed, but it doesn't matter.

The viewer will see the types of games and experiences they'll feel if they buy a ps3.

And it's a musical because why the hell not? Haha

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-Foxtrot1613d ago

It was a pretty good advert but I wish they included more games.

I don't see why they included Skyrim (it looks like Skyrim anyway with weirdly enough the Imperial City in the background from Oblivion, not to mention it's not an online game).

Eldyraen1613d ago

As myself and some others have deduced its probably referencing ESO. They showed Alduin though in the first ad and clearly that is the Imperial City now.

They must be working on a heavy push as still not sure when ESO come out.

OrangePowerz1613d ago

Most likely Elder Scrolls Online.

iceman061613d ago

Well, this IS the first one. My hope is that each one shows something different. Maybe evolve into more than just the 2 friends to add that social atmosphere to it. At any rate, I still enjoyed it and thought it was pretty refreshing and a good complement to the Taco Bell ad.

kazuma9991613d ago

I have watched this over 100 times now -_- wtf why cant i stop watching D: Love u SONY.

MidnytRain1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

I'm diggin those strings in the music man...
Especially at the end. Someone needs to rip that for a beat or something.

ShinnokDrako1613d ago

It's great! Finally the good PS ads are back!

Eldyraen1613d ago

I sort of miss the early PS3 commercials which made little to no sense and were clearly made by "artsy" directors.

I had forgot about the baby doll until someone linked it recently.