Sony: Free-to-play could be "big part" of next-gen

Executive Andrew House says free-to-play games on consoles like the PlayStation 4 could be a "much bigger factor" going forward.

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Kayant1769d ago

Am happy but at the same time I hope we get balanced games that don't lean towards being P2W with shitty micro-transactions.

Mad Aizen1769d ago

Ace Combat Infinity, day one.

360ICE1769d ago

Well, yeah. Not much of a point waiting for a price drop when it's already free.

Spinal1769d ago

Free to play models are not good news. We have to steer away from this or else it's going to be a micro transaction hell coming.

I'd rather pay full price for a full game. I won't support these free to play titles.

Army_of_Darkness1769d ago

I completely agree with spinal. Most Free to play games are bullshit. Limited everything unless you pay for this and that and this... I'd rather wait a few months for a full priced game to get a discount and pay for that instead or getting only a quarter of an entire game for free.

kazuma9991769d ago

Lol will probably take weeks to download all of them XD warthunder is huge and same with warframe >.> first day download -_- atleast i got knack, assassins creed, ghost, and battlefield story to play XD

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AceBlazer131769d ago

Wish ps4 got some more pc games I'd love to play gunz on a console.

Pandamobile1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Gunz? What is this, grade school all over again?

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The story is too old to be commented.