How Mortal Kombat VS. Street Fighter Could Work

JunkieMonkeys: We’ve all seen fighting games that merge different titles (MK VS. DC, Marvel VS. Capcom, Street Fighter X Tekken) plenty of times, but what about a merge of titles between Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter? The man behind Mortal Kombat himself Ed Boon states that he loves the idea. Fans everywhere have shown similar support for a project like MK VS. SF before, so why the hell not give it a chance? That said, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to show exactly how this merger of worlds could work.

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nick3091799d ago

I would prefer mk x tekken.. Not really an sf fan .

Treezy5041799d ago

I'm still waiting for Tekken X Street Fighter

305LoneWolf1799d ago

Mortal Kombat Vs Tekken would work fine.. Or maybe a Tekken Vs Virtual Fighter

WillGuitarGuy1799d ago

Not going to lie, Tekken VS Virtua Fighter would be beast.

darthv721799d ago

Tekken vs VF vs that would be sweet.

nyobzoo1799d ago

Have capcom make it, I'm not really a fan of how mk plays

Larry L1799d ago

I disagree. Aside from Marvel vs DC, MK vs SF is the dream fighter, especially for oldschool fans. But it's such a legendary match-up between the 2 most storied fighters, both games have rich backstories, but both play SOOO differently that I don't think either developer would do real justice to the other's franchise. (though to be honest I think NetherRealm would do better by SF than Capcom would for MK)

I think it would have to be a colaborative effort between both devs on the same game. I think Street Fighter characters should play like they do in SF, and MK Kharacters should play like they do in MK, programmed by their respective developers, battling on an agreed upon field of play (obviously it would be a 2-D plane). Hell, maybe you could even have both game's style of backgrounds too. Either choose a SF or MK background.

Now I understand that both franchises playing differently would be unbalanced towards SF because all the characters have the same basic way of playing, which makes it easier to pick up and play. MK on the other hands is more complicated as a whole. Every character plays differently. Just because you mastered Sub-Zero dpoesn't mean you can play any single other character. In other words, in general SF users would beat MK users far more on the casual level.

But on that same note, I fully believe that any mastered MK character by a "less than casual" gamer would destroy just about any SF character/player.

It sounds like it wouldn't work, but I believe it would. The only major challenge imo, but would also be the most important....... would be the debates about hit boxes, wake-ups, frames and all that complicated stuff.

I just know that as bad as I would want MK vs SF, I also know it wouldn't be right playing MK characters developed by Capcom, or to play SF characters developed by Boon&co. Instead have both devs develop their own roster, pit them against each other on an agreed upon battle field, and let us see who's really best, shall we.

WillGuitarGuy1799d ago

Really well said. I strongly agree with this:

"though to be honest I think NetherRealm would do better by SF than Capcom would for MK"

LOL_WUT1799d ago

How about MK vs KI that be much better ;)

truechainz1799d ago

Personally don't think MK with its current play style would work well with SF. But I'm sure they could make it work.