Five Things Cheaper Than Angry Birds Trilogy On PS Vita

TSA writes: "Angry Birds Trilogy is heading to PlayStation Vita this week, but the news of the avian physics game heading to the platform isn’t the real story, it’s the fact that the game will be priced at £34.99, and that’s quite expensive compared to the budget price of the mobile equivalents.

So, we’ve got five related things that you can buy for cheaper (or about the same price – £35 seems more popular than £34.98) than Angry Birds Trilogy, starting with an actual bird."

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Vitalogy1802d ago

One of the worst rip off's in gaming history.

GentlemenRUs1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

I know a good idea for Angry Birds!

Call it "Milking Bird" where you are the developer milking birds for money ;)

Seriously... They need to stop with this pathetic pricing point for such a poor-port...

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