Amazon Cluelesss on PS4/Watch_Dogs Bundle Pre-Order Situation

Following the recent announcement of Ubisoft’s delays of both Watch_Dogs and The Crew, DualShockers has reached out to Amazon for a comment on how this new delay will affect shipment of the PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 4/Watch_Dogs bundle was one of the most popular when Amazon first started pre-orders for the system.

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Arcanine1802d ago

the only way to solve this is to push back to ps4 just kidding

Campy da Camper1802d ago

For people who had the WD bundle preordered, this might be their reality. II'm sure Sony is going to do what they can but still, you never know. If boxes and whatnot were already made and set aside with units maybe they sit on them until the game releases.

I sincerely hope everyone who ordered the bundle gets at least the ps4 on launch day.

GamerzElite1802d ago

PS4 Watch Dog bundle is still listed at

TransientDreamer1802d ago

Yes but the release date has since been removed.

-Foxtrot1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

This is a delay with consequences, I don't think Ubisoft even considered about the aftermath of this delay

Before they announced the delay this all should of been sorted

Abriael1802d ago

Considering that the Watch Dogs bundle was one of the most popular, I'm sure there are a LOT of people at Sony that now are very, very pissed off at Ubisoft

iamnsuperman1802d ago

It sounds like Ubisoft didn't tell them. They should have before officially announcing the delay

CRAIG6671802d ago

Sony will have been informed dude, and they likely told Ubi to take the heat... It's certainly no deal breaker IMO.

-Foxtrot1802d ago

They should of told everyone a week before hand so they could get peoples pre orders sorted and tell customers what was going to happen once Unisoft announced the delay

TransientDreamer1802d ago

I relish delays at this point. Just gives me more time to finish other games lol. I was a little happy when they delayed Grand Theft Auto V, for example.

WeAreLegion1802d ago

I'm concerned that I won't get a PS4 though.

grumpc1802d ago

Well I wouldn't be concerned if I were you; The PS4 units are obviously still available, it's just they won't be bundled with Watch Dogs any more. It's not like the number of PS4's has decreased.

Arcanine1802d ago

also this is like a domino effect its only getting worse

Godz Kastro1802d ago

Will the PS4 have any decent games at launch now?

KwietStorm1802d ago

Will this stale and shortsighted argument ever get old?

Avernus1802d ago

Pretty lame troll tbh...

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The story is too old to be commented.