Reminder: Xbox Live is down today

Xbox360fanboy writes:

Hey kids, just a reminder that Xbox Live will be down today until 10:00am Pacific time (1:00pm Eastern). It shouldn't be too much of an inconvenience for most gamers, as they will have to contend with the likes of school or work (or perhaps both ... *shudder*).

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TrevorPhillips3864d ago

dw i got my backup console the ps3 p.s im no fanboy just to remind u guys

NegativeCreepWA3864d ago

I was hoping to be playing MGO today. Now I want to play the 360 and I cant. I guess its back to GT or hot shots.

BigKev453864d ago

MS is getting ready for GTA IV. It will be a full day of Beer & Phillies
for me when the game comes out.

mesh13864d ago

YEAHHHHHHH i got my bears and getting my jack harrier on friday hahhaha big blunts and gta ftw =)

TrevorPhillips3864d ago

bigkev i love GTA IV ive been waiting 4yrs man cant wait u know how excited i am seriously :D

3864d ago
RAM MAGNUMS3864d ago

Some wont return.
updates breaks the Box. Seriously. Trade it before its too late.
Xbox is on life support from day 1. Pull the Plug.

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The story is too old to be commented.