Massive Killzone: Shadow Fall Campaign Blowout on GTTV on October 17

This upcoming Thursday (October 17, 2013), there will be a massive Killzone: Shadow Fall campaign blow-out on GTTV from Guerrilla Games at Amsterdam.

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Convas1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Here I was thinking about how good a job everyone is doing keeping their campaign stories under wraps (Ryse, Killzone, Knack, Battlefield 4).

It'll be good I'm sure, but I want those next-gen OMGWTFBBQ moments to be genuine. At the same time ... we really haven't seen that much of KSF's campaign to be honest.

To blackout or not to blackout, that is the question.

Xsilver1801d ago

you can handle one more little taste.

theXtReMe11801d ago

Black it out man, if you are like me… I suffered from information overload last generation. Something I plan not to do this generation. We are about a month away from launch, it will go by really fast. Save the surprises and be like a kid on Christmas morning when you play through it the first time. Don't lesson or ruin the experience by finding out about it before hand. It ruined the second half of last generation for me. I stopped gaming halfway through, something I never did before in my entire life. Since the Pong and Atari 2600 days. The first break I ever took.

All because of information overload, which raised my expectations and left me disappointed with every title I've played. Something I will not let happen this generation. Previews are one thing, but single player gameplay videos are a whole different monster. Stay away from the light Carol Anne... Hahaha.

FullmetalRoyale1801d ago

Absolutely. I honestly don't even know who half of the assassin's are in Arkham Origins.

I'm not ragging on people, but I don't get why so many like to spoil everything for themselves.

Piggy-backing off of your analogy: It's tempting to peek at your Christmas presents early. But, all that does is ruin the fun of opening them.

OrangePowerz1801d ago

I can relate to that. I remember watching every little video and read every little information I could find for Uncharted 2 and while I still think it is an amazing game it lost something. I have seen levels before and while I was still blown away how great they looked and played I would have been even more blown away seeing all of that for the first time playing the game and not knowing what to expect.

And that happened with a lot of games this gen and stopped to reading and watching a lot of stuff now. Back in the days when I bough magazines and was reading everything I could about FF7, Resident Evil, MGS and so on it still took away some of the surprises but by far not that much. You got a few screenshots in the magazine to look at and some impressions from the editor, but the media blowout was much smaller and by the launch you knew very little about what to expect.

theXtReMe11801d ago

See, that was a beauty of the 80s and why gaming felt so special back then. You only had two or three gaming magazines and they were impossible to find. I remember reading a scientific journal while I was in science class back in 82 or three and they had a write up about one of the games coming out. That was exciting, because it gave just a tiny bit of information. Enough to get you excited, but not enough to ruin any single portion of the game.

The only information you ever got for an upcoming game in the 70s and 80s, was looking on the back of the box in the store. So everything that happened in the game was exciting and new, something you've never seen before.

The problem today is no matter where you turn your getting blasted with game dulling information. It doesn't matter if you're on the street, in the store or in your own home. You are bound to find out more information then you want to about any given title. Then, when game sites basically walk you through the entire game, via video or preview. You've lost that magic that would've made the game 10 times better had you not read or viewed anything at all. Part of it is the game sites themselves, the other part is the developers releasing too much information. That is what is amazing about the start of this next generation. I don't think there's one developer that has given away any of the story, information that is pertinent to the enjoyment of the game, with any title. We're kind of starting with a clean slate, just knowing what the games are going to look like and play like, but not much more.

It's tough, as a gamer, to resist the urge to want to see and read more about any given game. Yet still keeping that element of surprise there for that day of launch. If I know I'm going to enjoy the game, I will black out any information about it. I may look at a picture or read an article in a magazine. But if I feel the article starts getting too in-depth, then I will turn the page and not read it anymore. It's tough also, with these boards and people giving away too much information without alerting others to the spoilers in their posts.

A fine line each and everyone of us has to walk in order to ensure our complete enjoyment and amazement of any given title. Some of the best games I played last generation where those I knew nothing about. Legendary comes to mind as being one of the best games I've played last generation, because I didn't read anything about it or watch any videos I don't even think I looked at a picture. Then I played it, everything was exciting and new, i had that kid at Christmas feeling I eluded to in my post above. Just makes a game that much better and gives you the opportunity to fill in the blanks of any questions you may have your own, without the help of the press or other gamers.

What I plan to do for the entire whole of the next generation.

otherZinc1801d ago

I wonder if GG will demo some awesome campaign co-op?

KwietStorm1801d ago

Really couldn't care less about anything spoiled in the campaign in a shooter, so I'll watch. Would have rather seen more multiplayer details.

bjmartynhak1801d ago

At least I'm blacking out all long gameplays, such as Watch Dogs and AC4 for example.

Can't resist to teasers and trailers though xD

Well, @theXtReMe1 couldn't have put it better

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Xsilver1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

hell yeah. im tired of seeing that one jungle scene show me one more thing KZ thats all i need i hope its epic like the gameplay we saw in February and hopefully see more from Sinclair and Echo.

stavrami1801d ago

what's BBQ at the end mean

DoctorJones1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Wtf are you going on about lol?

EDIT:Oh I see now :D

stavrami1801d ago

hahaha comment at top says OMGWTFBBQ ???

stavrami1801d ago

but I want those next-gen OMGWTFBBQ moments to be genuine. well this is my last bubble so can not comment anymore in here but this line ive quoted from the top comment i have never heard and pretty sure however many times i read it its never gonna make sense hahahahah

Xsilver1801d ago

i always wanted more bubbles on this site but

WeAreLegion1801d ago

Bubbled you both up for Funny. ;) Getting more bubbles requires pandering, despite what you actually want to say. Many people used multiple accounts in the past, but N4G put an end to that, luckily. I hate that we even have the bubble system. The open zone, by itself, would be a great idea. Or upvote/downvote like Reddit.

wishingW3L1801d ago

pandering... That's the perfect word to describe the bubble system of this site.

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scott1821801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Hellz yes, I love this damn game..

Does anyone know if there will be a stream of it anywhere, besides TV that is.

Destrania1801d ago

You can watch it at GT.TV right after it airs.

robotgargoyle1801d ago

Am I to believe that he will be eating Bbq during the most intense moments of Killzone: Shadow Fall?

Bbq, definitely FTW! Screw fishsticks!

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