Why Pokémon And Monster Hunter Being On The Same Platform Is A Big Deal

Monster Hunter 4 has moved over 3 million copies in Japan, Capcom said yesterday. Additionally, Japanese sales tracker Media-Create add another tidbit of information on the game’s sales in their most recent report.

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kirbyu1741d ago

Pokémon Hunter

Make it. Make it right now.

klecser1741d ago

It hits two very passionate demographics of gamers. 3DS has a stellar lineup right now. It took too long to get there, but there is WAY more that I want to play on the system than what I can afford. That's a good thing.

mshope101741d ago

patcher it's over for 3ds cause it can't compete with smartphones!

why wont you comment on this?

you have no business making comments about 3ds from this point on patcher cause you were dead wrong!

it out sold wii in 2 and half years in japan and wii was on sale for 7 years!

so leave nintendo's business to nintendo after 100 years on earth i think there good.