Will Microsoft Xbox One Sales Flop This Christmas?

Release dates for the Sony (SNE) PlayStation 4 and Microsoft (MSFT) Xbox One are only about a month away, and things aren’t looking so good for the next-gen MSFT product.

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Mad Aizen1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Flop? I seriously doubt it. It may not do as well as the PS4 sales at launch or overall, but I think to say sales will flop is a bit of hyperbole to say the least. Remember, competition is good people.

according to the article: The biggest hurdles for the X1 are higher price, less power, and a week delayed launch.

not sure if these factors will make the X1 "flop" b/c the PS3 certainly didn't flop w/ a higher price point, but the PS3 was powerful and had a great lineup of games by the middle of it's life cycle. If MS can pull off great games that will help them for sure. Not sure what can be done if anything at all about the power difference w/ the PS4 though. One thing is for sure, it is going to be a very exciting time for gamers.

Lovable1740d ago

People love to exaggerate. "Journalist" more so

DatNJDom811740d ago

"Will Microsoft Xbox One Sales Flop This Christmas?"

I doubt it. I really doubt it. In the US, I think PS4 and xbone will be either neck to neck or PS4 slightly outselling it. The reason I say this is because the US unfortunately is a xbox sronghold. Although I think this is going to change this gen. Hopefully PS4 will dominate this gen.

kneon1740d ago

This is the normal attitude of many tech journalists these days. If you aren't #1 in your industry you're labeled a "failure". Even though in many industries you could be down in the lower end of the top 10 and still be making a profit.

And profit is what matters.

loulou1740d ago

lol look at the person who posted this gem ..

mariahelfutura enough said

TomShoe1740d ago

No way it's gonna flop. Way too many CoD fanboys.

XisThatKid1740d ago

In short....NO. I won't be buying one though. $500 a bit much for the kid right now.

UltimateMaster1740d ago

It's selling much more than it's last gen, both of them, so I highly doubt it will flop.

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cell9891740d ago

"according to the article: The biggest hurdles for the X1 are higher price, less power, and a week delayed launch."

Make no mistake the price and the power are huge hurdles anyway you see it

Blaze9291740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

how is power a hurdle? Who is going to Walmart asking, "which console is more powerful"? Answer: no one. Clearly, just look at the Wii and Wii U and the 3Ds in terms of "power"

As far as sales go, power has nothing to do with it for the majority of consumers. Only the small percentage of fanboys and tech enthusiast.

Evilsnuggle1740d ago

Blaze# mom goes to walmart or GameStop . She don't know what Game console to buy . she Ask a sale person what should I buy for my son . The sale person will say PS4 is more powerful and cost $100 less.

GiantEnemyCrab1740d ago

If this truly about power why are you even looking at consoles? Get a PC.

This article is garbage. MS has all their units sold out and they are going to be in trouble? The only thing that will hurt MS is if they don't have the retail pipeline stocked.

S2Killinit1740d ago

its about the games and the power to deliver them. and yeah PS4 sort of has both in the bag

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DonFreezer1740d ago

Nothing has to be done.The Xbox one was 120% more powerful than the ps2 but still lost by miles.People don't buy specs. Most shops won't even mention the teraflops and rops and the things that the sony camp nitpick.

cell9891740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

To all of those saying "most people don't even ask about power" or "moms don't go to wallmart asking what's more powerful for little Timmy"

The times they have changed people, little Timmy now has access to Internet and can operate a tablet with ease, he knows about you tube too. Little Timmy will make sure mom buys him the most powerful console of the 3 available, also mom will be more than happy to do so when she compares prices.

It's foolish to think the average consumer will just blindly purchase the xbone without asking questions, as if their money didn't matter, THE TIMES, THEY HAVE CHANGED- Bob Dylan

GalacticEmpire1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Pre-orders up until Christmas will sell out for both consoles.

If it's going to flop it'll be early next year, especially if they don't reduce the price and drop Kinect from the box.

koolaid2511740d ago

Kinect doesn't have to be plugged in for xbox1 too work now.

FunAndGun1740d ago

yeah, but you still must buy it.

GalacticEmpire1740d ago

FunAndGun beat me to it :)

If they want to sell more consoles they should drop Kinect. It's like the always online "lalalala I'm not listening" all over again, MS should listen to what people want before it's too late.

Deadpoolio1740d ago

Ummmmm actually YES it does IF a game has ANY Kinect functionality they already confirmed that YES you will have to have it connected then....And unless your extremely naive that just means MS will specifically place Kinect functionality into EVERY game, meaning it will actually most likely have to be connected 24/7

koolaid2511739d ago

Go to and look at the xbox 1 they tell you everything that you need to know before you buy it.

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Deadpoolio1740d ago

They are NOT going to drop the Kinect, jesus get over it....They built the damn system around it instead of the other way around.....

GalacticEmpire1740d ago

Whether you think they will or not is irrelevant, my point is that they SHOULD. That is if they want to sell more consoles.

lifeisgamesok1740d ago

Is Kobe Bryant the worst NBA player of all time

No way!!!

T21740d ago

... in other news , xbone wont flop because many people love to get both or really want the xbone games ... Ps4 may outsell it, but flop ? No

abusador1740d ago

I doubt it very much but what it wont do is top ps4 in any country!

OrangePowerz1740d ago

Sales won`t flop for either of them this Christmas and both will be sold out in most places. PS4 will probably outsell the Xbone this year because Sony had more prep time and will have produced more consoles.

abusador1740d ago

Not because there is more demand huh? If they would have produced an endless amount of the same console ps4 would have outsold Xbone 3 to 1 easily as Ps4 was sold out in most places within days, while Xbone it took weeks to sell out of Xbone in most places. The demand for ps4 is higher than Xbone. You say they are both sold out and then say Ps4 will "probably" outsell Xbone this year solely bcus Sony had more prep time and they have more units. You have been following the news, either which way Ps4 would have outsold Xbone no matter if they had the same alottment.

OrangePowerz1740d ago

I pre ordered a PS4 and can`t wait for the 29th and currently no plans on getting an Xbone in the near future. :)

I know that the PS4 is in high demand, but at the end of the day to outsell the Xbone this year they need to manufacture more consoles than what MS can make because both will be sold out. If you make the same amount of consoles for both neither will outsell the other one because both will be sold out. If you sell 2 million PS4 and 2 million Xbones neither outsold the other :)