Why Titanfall Won't Suck - Video Feature

Clickonline writes: "From the one time developers of Call of Duty and chock full of wall-running, jetpacking and first person shootery, Titanfall already sounds like a lot of fun. Then you add in the Titans themselves - full on mecha madness that takes the multiplayer shooter to new heights of over the top carnage."

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MCTJim1739d ago

This game is going to rock. I definately want it based on what I have seen in videos, demos and hands on experiences.

Viking_Socrates1739d ago

Honestly if this game was an 100% confirmed exclusive launch title for the Xbox One, I'd be very hard pressed not to also pre-order the Xbox One.

Hopefully it comes over to PS4, but I'll probably pick it up eventually on Xbox One or PC if not.

jb2271739d ago

Answering "why should single player gamers be bothered to play this" with "it gives more time to hone the multiplayer without it" is not an answer...if this game sets the trends even further into mp territory, I'm out....I've never found any enjoyment playing online, couch co op makes sense to me, but online free for alls are just messy and annoying

Kyosuke_Sanada1739d ago

Titanfall looks to be a great game that I will purchase, how some people are trying to make it sound like the second coming is a bit strange in my opinion but I do expect the game to have freak sales like Call Of Duty and Halo.

mochachino1739d ago

Everything I've seen so far looks fun, but the game may as well suck cause I won't be able to get it on my PS4.

Doubt I'll miss it though with BF4 and Killzone