LR: FFXIII - Yuji Abe and Yoshinori Kitase Discuss Challenges, Expectations, and Looking Ahead

Last week, Square Enix was in town showing off a handful of their upcoming titles, and among them was Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. We had the opportunity to catch up with both Game Design Director Yuji Abe and Producer Yoshniori Kitase to discuss the build of LR:FFXIII that we spent an hour playing (impressions on the way), as well as the Final Fantasy XIII storyline as a whole. Both Abe-San and Kitase-san go in depth in regards to the challenges faced during game development, meeting fan expectations, and how Final Fantasy adapts and stays relevant as time goes on.

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TheLastVoiceOFsanity1806d ago

we need yoshinori kitase to start creating again. that's the only thing that will save the final fantasy series.

wishingW3L1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Kitase hasn't worked in a game in like 15 years. He's a producer now and makes more money by doing less. I don't think he would chose to go back and get his hands dirty on the development side even though he's still young. Miyamoto's the only producer that does that.

TheLastVoiceOFsanity1806d ago

the weird thing about square enix's drop in quality compared to other developers/publishers. most of square enix's talent still works their, but just at a different capacity, so they still have a chance to fix it if they wanted to. i've looked into miyamoto's past work before, and i really didn't see anything that justified him having control over 3 console final fantasy games in a row. the problem with square enix is there paying their most talented people more money to do work that has noting to do with what got them hired.

example: imagine if just to try something new the patriot decide to pay tom brady more money to coach the special teams and when the new quarterback started to suck they couldn't even perceive of the stupid mistake they made by pull out a quarterback with 3 superbowl wins.

the greatness that is yoshinori kitase- final fantasy VI,chrono trigger, final fantasy VII, final fantasy VIII.

Taislin1806d ago

There are plenty of game developers out there who are able to carry on and take FF to new heights. It can be Nomura, Ito, Kitase, Myamoto, and many other less known ones. FF doesn´t need saving, despite what some fans would tell you. Some fans clamour for change but when they get it they always complain.

TheLastVoiceOFsanity1806d ago

the last 11 years say otherwise. tetsuya nomura does great work with the kingdom hearts series but, he's just one man. he can't be expected to shepherd the final fantasy and kingdom hearts franchise by himself.