Could $100 Crush the Xbox One’s Launch?

TB writes: "I can’t shake this feeling that Microsoft might have a rough hardware launch on its hands. Regardless of the hardware comparisons and software exclusives, there’s a big point that separates the Xbox One from the PlayStation 4. One hundred points, in fact."

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Lalanana1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Yea too bad xbox one preorders are being sold out as we speak...

I guess xbox one must be doing bad..poor xbox one lol


darthv721767d ago

The funny thing about the $100 difference is it is being likened to the old days of the PS1 and Saturn. From that is true.

But unlike that perspective, MS is not Sega and has a much better marketing approach. There is potential for their product to be set up in not only the gaming section of stores but also the home theater section as well as possibly the PC section.

Sony has that same potential to market their product in the same sections but they have been very confident that gaming will be the focus and so the idea of them going outside the focus seems unlikely.

That would actually be up to the retailer to decide. When it comes down to the marketing, both platforms are more alike than different and so for the $100 difference, MS will really need to focus on the differences than the similarities.

Kinect being the obvious and most important difference and what it can offer to the consumer in regards to the experience of the system as a whole for the $100.

speed3891767d ago

umm not true... walmart is still taking x1 pre orders and a few other retailers...

BallsEye1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Well, one thing for sure, kids will have problem convincing their parents to buy more expensive system, therefore less kids on XO, that's a win! As an adult working man, I can't see how that 100 bucks could make a big difference, it's not like I'm buying a console every year.

Hicken1767d ago

Anything can sell out if the quantities are limited enough.

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Majin-vegeta1767d ago

Yay you're back this should be interesting :D.

OT:Yes,gamers have spoken with their wallets and they wan't the PS4.

izumo_lee1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

It won't crush the launch per say but it will be a major factor for regular customers (ie:casuals) deciding on either system.

Last gen the price was a significant factor on the initial sales of the Xbox360 & PS3 with the latter losing market share in the US. Price is always in play when new hardware launches & this will be no exception especially in the times we live now compared to previous gens.

speed3891767d ago

no $100 dosnt matter. it just happens the console( PS4 ) with the better hardware and in my opinion has better features, games and online gaming perks is cheaper. I cant complain about that

Drewidian1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

While I agree that the $100 doesn't matter, I think the Xbox One will appeal to a much broader audience than the PS4.

MS has partnered with services like P90 and Zumba to appeal to those who work out and they could even announce partnerships with a gym where if you sign up with a 2 year agreement and enroll in a class you could get a discount on the Xbox One. I can even envision classes forming around it because it will be able to have Group Skype calls up to 25 people in a class. If you add in the instant feedback with biometric data the Kinect has and the ability to have a personal trainer give you tips as you work out, I could see that appealing in a way the PS4 can't. My wife wants to work out with her sisters who are spread across the country. With Skype snapped and exercising together they can do this. There will probably be mobile apps for exercising and dieting with programs like Weight Watchers that can sync up with the Xbox One and the cloud. There's just much more potential with the Xbox One than the PS4 to appeal to this group.

You could even make the same argument for TV. I could easily imagine Cable/Satellite companies setting up 2 year contracts and a subsidized Xbox One for $99 - $199 down giving you instant access to the same features and maybe even giving Live for free during the term of the contract.

There's even potential for the medical profession. Imagine a nurse that visits vets who aren't mobile to provide Physical Therapy who could then Skype to a specialized doctor who could answer questions or even review the charts/data entered on a Surface tablet by the nurse. She could even pull up X-Rays for the patient to see either on the tablet or share it to the Xbox One. They could again have special classes for injured vets/elderly who can't make it out of the home to get some exercise. There's just a ton of potential there.

While the PS4 may have the Gaming market's ear, I think MS is targeting a much broader audience including gamers which they couldn't do without the extra $100 for the Kinect.

speed3891767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

I agree with what ur saying... im talking about games and online gaming and the console itself... not google glasses and working out... and if you want to skype or video chat buy the $60 camera if you ever need it and thats still cheeper by $40... I mean how many people are seriously considering using this console for working out more than gaming? ... I see everything that ur invisioning and I like what ur saying but I just dont see any of thise thing succeeding and being popular... my phone does video chat and skype and I have a gym membership as it is... I also dont see many people wanting to wear google glasses. I havent known one person excited about them... all in all I see it as you want it as a media hub more than a gaming machine not a gaming console... we see things diferently and there is nothing wrong with that. it sounds like you will enjoy ur x1 and I hope you do :)

PsylentKiller1767d ago

This is exactly the reason why I believe XB1 will outsell PS4. The XB1 has features for the non-gamer. PS4 no longer has the allure of a Blu-Ray player like the PS3 did, which is the reason why a lot of people picked up a PS3. MS has an ecosystem that expands past the realm of games. Sony has TV's and other electronics but it's ecosystem cannot compare. XB1 is not exactly an all in one device like its name suggests it is more like a Hub that connects everything.
Now I'm not saying the PS4 is inferior. We all know they have more powerful hardware. I'm just saying that MS has more features and products that appeal to a wider audience. Now all they have to do is make those products and features feel like we need to have them and once they do that they will rise above its closest competitor, Apple.

MCTJim1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

At the time of the Christmas holidays/rush 100 bucks is not going to make a bit of difference when it comes to what does little johnny want...parents are going to pay whatever it takes to make them happy..even if they deserved that lump of coal in their stocking.

Edit: After the Christmas rush however, that may be a factor.

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