Sony 'working with Ubisoft' to manage Watch Dogs PS4 bundle pre-orders

Sony has said that it is working with Ubisoft and its retail partners while it considers how best to handle pre-orders placed for the Watch Dogs PlayStation 4 bundle.

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xHeavYx1740d ago

Maybe they will offer a voucher for the game when it releases, that way people won't have to wait to get a PS4, since they are mostly sold out

Seraphemz1740d ago

Thing is people are still going to get pissed because they wont have a game to play right away..they will complain that they paid for the bundle.. and now they have to buy another game.

Most people would have done that anyway, but this gives them something to complain about.

black0o1740d ago

complaining it's in our nature

Blaze9291740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

"Most people would have done that anyway"

people, just lost out on a chance to get a PS4 this holiday. And you think they don't have the right to complain?

KwietStorm1740d ago


How do you figure people lost out on a PS4? You're assuming their pre order is outright canceled immediately without any workaround from amazon? It was a bundle. The PS4 is still releasing on time. That means amazon still has their PS4 console ordered. WORST case scenario these people get their PS4 shipped, and are given a refund on the price, like amazon is known for anyway.

Eonjay1740d ago

I'm not too pissed. Crap happens. As long as they make me whole, I will be happy.

sackboyhappy1740d ago

There's always free to play games :)

extermin8or1740d ago

Tbf ASDA outright cancelled my preorder because my delivery address was where im living for uni and my billing address my actual home where my parents live and i return at holidays.... as it stands they said they'd sort it and give me another preorder code so i can remake my order but im yet to get it and it's been several days, my moneys stuck in 'holding' so it's in my account but i can't use it for like another 7 working days.... so not getting watch dogs with a ps4 should be the least of peoples concerns-want to know who is pissed off atm? ME! I doubt anywhere will outright cancel peoples orders-save maybe ASDA....

mikeslemonade1740d ago

Easy.. Just interchange the game Watch Dogs with Killzone: Shadow Fall.

badz1491740d ago

After Rayman Legends and now this? WTF Ubisoft? Everybody in their right mind knows this is money related decision, can you at least announce it much earlier and not less than a month prior to release? Enough with your "technical" BS excuse already! After Rayman, no one should be dumb enough to think that you are actually being honest!

rainslacker1740d ago

No matter what happens, not everyone is going to be happy. You can't please everyone, particularly when you give them the sounding board of the internet to say how the world will end unless X happens and Y does something miraculous and unheard of.

DJMarty1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

@Seraphemz - Ther are tons of Free-2-play PS4 games available at launch off PSN.

I'd rather have Watchdogs when ready, the launch and be crap.

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Xsilver1740d ago

Really ubisoft you brought this game at every single event hyped it to the point of no return and then you hit us with a delay -_- am not gonna sugarcoat it i'm pissed royally pissed i hope they fix those watch dog bundles so people still get their PS4.

Agent_00_Revan1740d ago

They even had it at NY Comic Con this weekend. And they acted like everything was cool. They were giving stuff to people who pre ordered right there at the show.

Kind of dirty.

talhat21740d ago

I would rather have a game that is polished and has no significant bugs, rather than a game that will have a lot of bugs.

Blaze9291740d ago

you honestly believe that excuse they gave for the delay?

skept3k1740d ago

Even if you pre-ordered a PS4 + Watch Dogs bundle, and learn that you won't receive either now?

I doubt you'd be saying the same thing.

Eonjay1740d ago


I highly doubt that is going to happen. I preordered that bundle but I'm 100% sure I will be getting my console.

JetsFool35001740d ago

Thats total bs doesnt take 3+ months to polish a game

abc12331739d ago

@Blaze929: Ok, so what kind of conspiracy theory do you have which would explain why Ubisoft would delay their game and consequently slash $600k off their sales predictions?

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Kaizin5141740d ago

It'll get fixed, don't worry. If there is one thing Sony has done right so far, it's been customer service. Hell, you might get a free year of PS+ for the delay, you never know. But as many people said, I think you'll likely get a voucher for the game and you will be able to download at launch or even still get a physical copy.

Studio-YaMi1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Don't think anyone will be getting anything for free from Sony since this is Ubi's fault and not Sony.

If anything,Ubi will have a voucher code so that you can download the game for free when it's released & maybe throw in something extra like a skin or game cash.

Campy da Camper1740d ago

I don't see how Sony can't just ship the bundle minus the game and in its place have a voucher for it. I'd be pissed to no end if they cancelled the bundle as well and that was my only preorder unit.

Crap I'd have a total meltdown.

Kaizin5141740d ago


True, while this is Ubi's fault, it does involve Sony's system, so I wouldn't be surprised if Sony tried to sweeten the apology by giving away PS+ memberships. Though yea, I guess this is unlikely but I wouldn't be surprised if it did happen.

@Campy da Camper

I do think this is what will happen. Sony will ship you the console separately and Ubi will offer a voucher. Seems to be the most likely win-win scenario to come if it. Win-win definitely meaning you still get your game, unfortunately despite the delay. I don't think people will get screwed, it will get resolved nicely, me thinks.

hellzsupernova1740d ago

This! It is insane that they delay it now and by half a year, they must have known for a while they were not going to be ready

iWishTifaWasReal1740d ago

the only reason they delayed this is to get more profit.

keep in mind AC4 release date is not that far off to Watch Dog's. They wanna focus with AC4 sales first.

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Arcanine1740d ago

they should reduce the price of the people that already paid or just give them kill zone Shadowfall if ppl agree with it.

beepbopadoobop1739d ago

I got a phonecall from the store I pre ordered the other day asking to confirm which bundle I wanted, Im glad I went for the Killzone one! Phew!

GentlemenRUs1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Offer people another game to say sorry but give the people effected Watch_Dogs for free when it comes out.

Though it is kinda disgusting how Ubisoft can do this a month away from launch(In america, UK has to wait till the 29th)...

admiralvic1740d ago

"Though it is kinda disgusting how Ubisoft can do this a month away from launch(In america, UK has to wait till the 29th)..."

Ubisoft was in a catch 22 situation and people need to understand and respect this.

Option 1) You get a version of the game they think needs roughly 6 months of work before releasing it. This not only means the games value will be less, but it's impossible to say if you would even WANT it as is.
Option 2) The game gets delayed, but you arguably get a better quality product.

The funny thing is how quickly people forget Rayman Legends, which got a similar an equally random last minute delay for a huge span of time. Morale of the story... don't preorder Ubisoft games or at least expect them to release on time.

Campy da Camper1740d ago

Except I don't buy the excuse its delayed for tecnical reasons. I think the knew it would be pushed back a while ago to allow acbf to sell yet they mum the word to collect preorders. It should have gone gold in the next week. They just realized the game needed work? I highly doubt it.

KwietStorm1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Or option 3, people stop with this whole "delay equals better game" thing and open your eyes. This is not anything new in the slightest. Games get pushed out the holiday season every.single.year, and it's usually because of competition (money). Games ship with bugs all the time. No amount of extra work is going to guarantee a glitch free experience. It's the nature of software. Let's also not ignore Assassin's Creed, their huge and eestablished franchise has a sequel coming out at the same time. Just be realistic.

rainslacker1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Here's the thing.

In game development, they know about how long it will take to have the game go gold. This game should be going gold right now, if not 2-3 weeks ago. This is particularly true if it was being bundled with the system might be different.

Ubisoft as the publisher and developer knew full well this game wasn't going to be ready for launch at least a month ago. Maybe they had high hopes, and the development team has been in crunch mode for quite some time, but there is no way, this close to release, that they suddenly found a technical issue that wasn't known for quite some time. Game development on this scale just does not work like that. The only way it could throw them for a loop is if the technical issue was found by Sony or MS during the certification process, in which case it could definitely delay the game, but even then, a flaw of that nature would have been found well in advance of 1 month prior to release.

Now, if they just decided that the game wasn't up to their standards then fine, delay it and make it better. I'm OK with that, and in the long run, people won't really remember the delay if the game is good. But citing a technical issue? One that takes 6 months to rectify at this late stage in development when they would be in the polish stage? It just doesn't track.

The more likely scenario is that they felt it would sell better, and not affect AC4 sales if they delayed it. They did it with Rayman Legends, so it's not so hard to believe they would do it with this.

jay21740d ago

Give them another game and a download code/voucher to get a boxed copy!