Ubisoft Has No Answer For Fate Of Watch Dogs PS4/Xbox One Bundles

Kotaku - "News of the big Watch Dogs delay left us with one big question: what happens to people who shelled out money to pre-order the Watch Dogs PS4/Xbox One bundles, expecting to get both game and console this November?"

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Blaze9291770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

really sucks for people who pre ordered this bundle and now will miss out on the game AND a PS4 because the others are sold out.

That's why I believe this delay was on purpose. Less than a month away the game had to have been finished and/or printing by now. Especially since it's being included in bundles. No way in less than a month they just all a sudden decided oh, our game really isn't ready yet.

sigfredod1770d ago

One of the few times i agree with you, there is no excuse for Ubi anouncing this less than a month for release

s8anicslayer1770d ago

I think this was more of an intentional delay because of the fact that they are releasing ACIV as well plus dealing with the launch of other heavy hitters like COD and BF4..IMO!

MestreRothN4G1770d ago

How would they know that GTA V would be so much better than their clone?

They don't have much choice except for chickening or accepting the eternal shadow.

seanpitt231770d ago

They probably played gta5 and thought our game is crap in comparison we need to delay and make it better.

-Foxtrot1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Plus they give out obvious Bulls*** reasons like "Oh we want to make our game better, we don't want to ship a broken game" to be all noble you've said you don't get a month before launch when you should be getting discs ready only to go "Gee Whizz I think we should delay it"

heliumhead20301770d ago

Too make it worse this game was being shown as an unannounced next gen game back in 2012

-Foxtrot1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Exactly, they've had plenty of time to work on this especially if they were confident enough to show it before next gen was announced.

sigfredod1770d ago

Yeah, also you don't push back a game just for polish details and bugs or glitch for 6 months!, if they delay the game a month i would believe that reason

Xsilver1770d ago

Im pretty sure if you had the watch dogs bundle thats means that they will just take out watch dogs so people will still get a PS4 at the original price.

WeAreLegion1770d ago

Why are you getting disagrees? Amazon reps are saying what you said is correct. They are NOT official bundles. So, we'll all get the system, by itself.

s8anicslayer1770d ago

@ wearelegion

In the UK they had Watchdog bundles available for preorder from Sony and Ubisoft where the game was bundled with the console at a special price.

Xsilver1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

lol i'll never know why i got disagrees apparently i said something wrong.
Edit: @S8anicslayer well what i said was just me guessing but i see where you're coming from.

s8anicslayer1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )


I think you got dis agrees because of the European preorder watchdogs bundle with the game in with the system. That bundle was at a discounted price too so I would think it was those affected by the delay are the ones who gave you dis agrees.

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grassyknoll1770d ago

I sense they didn't want to cannibalise sales of Assassin's Creed 4. It only being played by developers & not shown to the press / public means they probably knew it was unfinished a month ago.

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OrangePowerz1770d ago

I`m sure they will get their console simply because the consoles are manufactured anyway no matter if the game is released or not. The only question is if they get a stand alone version or another bundle as replacement.

ape0071770d ago

i preordered it long time ago, looks like i'll cancel it and get the KZ SF bundle

sigfredod1770d ago

don't do that until an official response is given about those bundles

ape0071770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

thx for the response man, i live in the middle east, i preordered it because new console usually get double the price in the first 6 months in here but ever since sony announced the KSA ps4 pricing, i don't need the pre order anymore

the ps4 KZ bundle with 2 controllers and the ps camera looks tempting, it costs 2200 SR, divide that by 3.75 and u get that in $$$

i will not cancel the preorder of course, let's see what happens

prodg521770d ago

Yeah I have this bundle preordered as well, but I'm not canceling anything. I'll wait until Ubi/Sony and Amazon sort it out. By canceling you're likely going to miss out this year because there's no other preorder option available.

ape0071770d ago

it's coming here in KSA at retailers, i ain't cancelling the preorder until im assured i get one at launch

Arcanine1770d ago

I feel bad for all the gamers and everybody that had high hopes for this game. Ubisoft should apologize with free DLC or something when it gets released and why wait till spring why not a month or two

barb_wire1770d ago

The spring is the start of a new financial year.. Ubi is probably betting on AC 4 and (don't laugh) Just Dance 2014 being huge sellers between now and then (what with the holidays and all)

Still, it's incredibly arrogant (the right word, maybe?) of Ubi to do this.. those XBOne/PS4 bundles have been pre-ordered and in some cases paid for, pretty sure MS and Sony had substantial marketing campaigns lined up, not too mention internet and print marketing.

EXVirtual1770d ago

Wow, that sucks for people who pre-ordered the bundles. At least let them switch for a different bundle, or just get a PS4/XBO versions.

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