Why We Are Happy That Watch_Dogs Got Delayed

Eskimo Press: "Ubisoft have announced that they have decided to delay to release of Watch_Dogs until 2013. Reason? Need more time to polish and bug test. Something Rockstar should have done for Grand Theft Auto Online, perhaps?"

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Psychotica1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

What?? Are you shitting me?? That really sucks, probably for the better but it still sucks..

stavrami1742d ago

????? not happy at all. excepting yes . happy no

malokevi1742d ago


Sorry, can't let that stand/

stavrami1742d ago

hahahahaha mate i deserve that . inglish is not my strong point ;-// (humour me here)

sinjonezp1741d ago

I agree. Not happy at all. How can you delay a game one month before release. This thing is about to go gold and you delay probably six months. Would I be wrong to say that delayed the game due to the xbox1 having issues? Just throwing that out there. I just find it very odd that with one month to go, they pull this. You had everyone wanting this game now it will have to go up against the likes of titanfall and second son. Well, we will see soon enough.

WeAreLegion1742d ago

Pre-ordered the PS4 bundle. Until I get a reply from Amazon, I'm not happy. I'm freaking pissed off!

abusador1742d ago

Yeah i wonder what they do in a situation such as yours. Please let us know when you get a response. I just ordered the launch day ps4 edition with no bundle bcus i was scared of upgrading to a bundle and getting shafted.

WeAreLegion1742d ago

I had the launch day edition pre-ordered, too. But I cancelled it for this version. -_-

According to various people in Reddit, it's not an official bundle, so they'll probably send the PS4 by itself at launch and cancel the game pre-order.

Destrania1742d ago

Yeah, let us know about any updates. My brother got this bundle from Amazon as well.

805Junior8051742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

I'll give them the same respect that I gave Rockstar when they delayed GTAV. As long as it improves the game and they don't release an unfinished game. Look how awesome GTAV came out, hopefully the studio uses this extra time wisely.

Whisperz1742d ago

Ummm I don't know if you played GTA V but it's fucking buggy as shit!Yeah the campaign is great but the game is unfinished!

Flipgeneral1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

with you on this. The extra polish may help it go from "good" to" great"

not to mention it's too soon after GTA5!! I'm still playing it!

hazardman1742d ago

Ok damn, I was looking forward to this at launch. I will have to switch pre order to something else I guess. Better to get it right than to just release a game you gktta patch til bugs are fixed. Spring 2014 will be great! Watchdogs, Titanfall and MLB the Show 2014 and whatever other great release I may have missed for a spring release!

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The story is too old to be commented.