Xbox One Racing Accessories Video


"Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson goes in depth on the future of racing accessories for Xbox One."

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Blaze9291742d ago

Microsoft is really on a powerful role showing us all there is to know for the Xbox launch. Didn't expect to see a return of the racing wheel though - loved it on the Xbox 360.

Good job MS. Answering a lot of questions and curiosity. Can't wait for the 22nd

NYC_Gamer1742d ago

MS have been on point when it comes to giving details on X1

XB1_PS41742d ago

I want a single body wheel. With the wheel attached to the base.

Abriael1742d ago

They dropped Fanatec, so the "best on any platform" claim is VERY shaky, especially since Madcats and thrustmaster don't hold a candle to Fanatec.

Let's not even get into the fact that our QUITE costly Fanatec wheels won't carry over to the xbox One. That's almost a deal breaker to me, and for quite a lot of other sim racers.

Haules1742d ago

The Madcatz wheel looks like a toy.
If you look at T10 PR they always talk about FM5 and x1 gamepad. FM5 is mostly focused on the gamepad and not the wheel.

Elzer1742d ago

Awwwwwww yeaaahhhhh!!!!

AutoCad1742d ago

only thing holding me back from buying the wheel is lack of cluth pedal and gear shifter.i hope fanatec comes out with some sort of update for the CSR wheels for xbox1

Ofai1742d ago

me too, i love my csr

CRAIG6671742d ago

Those pedals look amazing/expensive

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