GTAV's Characters Are Just Bad

Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw:

Right, where were we before all that Expo business that kept me away last week? GTAV? I think we were talking about GTAV. Not that it will change anything now that it's sold better than an umbrella stand in autumnal Seattle, but there's quite a bit that it needs to be firmly called out on. And there's all the time in the world to make people regret their purchasing decisions, which is half my motivation for this job.

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GarrusVakarian1681d ago

Yeah, Trevor and his hilarious/witty dialogue and unpredictable nature is terrible.....


xHeavYx1681d ago

The attempt to get hits by this website is just bad

mattdillahunty1681d ago

you must know nothing about Yahtzee if you think this is a flamebait attempt. he's built his career off being a huge contrarian and somebody who points out the flaws in almost every game he plays.

the man is just extremely hard to please when it comes to games.

SeraphimBlade1681d ago

I just wanted to point out how The Escapist's own comic predicted that attitude...


DoctorJones1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

Ben, we can stomach your 'reviews' as they are accompanied by animations and the line delivery is amusing. But your written articles are pretty crap. Stick to making us laugh with your animations and line delivery and forget about being taken seriously as a real journalist.

You've made your bed, you have to lay in it.

jspillen1681d ago

This article is Just Bad.

Remember to avoid this author and

Shameless hit luring

iamnsuperman1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

What Yahtzee the guy who points out flaws in every game. Too say GTA V characters were good is bad. They are not good as they are fairly shallow/2d dimensional (I don't think Franklin even had a personality).

His main point seems to be directed at people who thing Trevor is this sandbox character (the character to do stupud stuff in the world) which he isn't

JeffGUNZ1681d ago

Really? Franklin was a product of his environment but clearly wanted to change. He wanted to earn his money the right way as opposed to hustling. He met Michael who lured him out of small crime and enticed him in the life are big crimes. It shows no matter how hard one tries, sometimes they just can't get away from what they really are.

BlackPrince 421681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

I agree with Yahtzee wholeheartedly on this matter.

It may be fashionable to crap on GTA IV and praise V, but IV's characterizations were much stronger and the story's themes were fleshed out better. The satire in IV was also directed at better targets.

I still like V a lot for the improved gameplay and mission variety, but the impact of all of your actions in the game is less palpable when everyone is a cartoon character.

JeffGUNZ1681d ago

I thought it was done nicely. We can't forget that GTA IV had one main character to play as, where GTA V you have 3. I thought for pulling it all together, they did a pretty solid idea. I think this is the best GTA in the series. I usually get bored with GTA single player pretty quickly, but I find this one to be addicting. I think a lot of it is the characters, but to be honest, this one is just written better I believe.

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