Pokemon X and Y sales compared to GTA V, Call of Duty: Black Ops, and others

Pokemon X and Y's launch sales don't compare to GTA V, but they hold up surprisingly well against some other major PS3, Xbox 360, and PC releases.

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Juste_Belmont1679d ago

Of course, Pokemon's always been popular. Japanese developers don't need to westernize or play to the CoD crowd to be successful. If a game is good or has a good reputation, people will buy it. FFXIII sold on reputation alone, but because it betrayed what made it popular, the sequels didn't do so well. I'm glad Pokemon keeps improving, yet still maintains what people like about it. That's how developers should treat their flagship IPs.

Masterman2801679d ago

It beat TLoU and Bioshock Infinite in just 2 days!!... DAYUM, go Pokemon.

Feralkitsune1679d ago

As I'm playing right now.

Breeding starters BTW, want one send me a PM on here. :D