The Crew delayed until Spring 2014

VVV: "Ubisoft's ambitious next gen open world racer has been delayed until Q2 2014. Originally slated for release for Q1 2014, this means the earliest we will possibly be playing The Crew is April 1st 2014."

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sigfredod1805d ago

This aceptable since the Crew still had time left for the anounced release date, but Watchdogs delay is bull, pure financial reasons behind it, shame ubi

malokevi1805d ago

Delaying until after the holiday season... for financial reasons?

Seems counter-intuitive.

KwietStorm1805d ago

Financial reasons because their huge established franchise has a sequel coming out at the same time.

heliumhead20301805d ago

This sucks though I thought this was ps4 exclusive

Convas1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

U wot m8?

I mean, they clearly outlined this was a PS4/XB1/PC game.

Akuma2K1805d ago

I don't mind the delay of the The Crew, if it'll make the game better by the developers i'm all for it.

Fasttrack761805d ago

If it's makes the game better I'm all for it for both games, yes it's annoying but I'll have plenty to play with my new consoles that will keep me busy until spring...

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