South Park Stick of Truth Will Make You Their “New Bottom Bi*ch” I Dualshockers Preview

Dana Abecrombie writes:

"Let’s start from the beginning. Everything about the eight-minute gameplay preview I witnessed is like watching an episode of South Park from start to finish. The graphics are faithful to the cartoon so much in fact, I could hardly tell which was a cut-scene and which was gameplay; they flowed together with a natural ease like the forbidden dance of Tango and after playing games with enhanced 3D graphics and explosive sounds this was refreshing and eardrum friendly."

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FullmetalRoyale1769d ago

You're a bottom.

I'm a watcher....

3-4-51769d ago

Can't wait to play this game. It's basically a new southpark movie.

sagesurge1769d ago

and what a wonderful South Park movie it is

SeraphimBlade1769d ago

Last time a game said it would make me its bitch, it didn't turn out well. Ask John Romero about it.

sagesurge1769d ago

trust me, it'll turn out well this time