Deus Ex Human Revolution Director’s Cut Van Bruggen Walkthrough Trailer

Eidos®-Montréal® ;, a Square Enix® studio, today released a new gameplay trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution® – Director’s Cut, the definitive version of the critically acclaimed action-RPG title.


Updated the trailer, Fixed from original with distortion:

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lastdual1769d ago

I'm eager to see how the boss battles have been reworked.

DX:HR was one of the better games this gen, but some of those bosses were rather frustrating given my non-lethal, stealth-focused style of play. Supposedly they can now be tackled in a greater variety of ways, which is one of the main things that interests me about this Director's Cut.

curtis921769d ago

seriously!? shooting around objects and walls... auto targeting enemies. **** this.

Agent_00_Revan1769d ago

You obviously have never played this game. Try it out. It's a Great game!
And the shooting around things is an upgrade and must be purchased qnd activated on the gun.

AntDaGamer1769d ago

I want to apologize about this video being a little distorted in the beginning this is the way it was when I downloaded from Square Enix Press site.