Ubisoft Won't Drop the Modern Day Story - It's a Part of the DNA of the Series

Darby McDevitt: "I think it’s a part of the DNA of the series. I think it unifies all the games and helps make them part of one big universe. We still could have assassins and Templar’s in the past but I think this present day part is nice because it allows us to connect what’s happening in history with things that happen in modern times."

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-Gespenst-1803d ago

"It's a Part of the DNA of the Series." Lol I see what they did thar.

GalacticEmpire1803d ago

"...see what they did thar"

I see what you did while seeing what they did.

pandehz1803d ago

I see what you saw him seeing what they did.

SonyStyled1803d ago

thats odd because the did in liberation as far as i can remember

-Foxtrot1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

I don't get how they can say it's part of the series when nothing what we've been shown (and it's been a lot) has pointed to <Spoiler> ..... Juno being free.

Surely Desmond's father is planning something or even his mother if the Assassins bloodline is from her side.

I wouldn't be bothered if it was an AC3 entry but because it's AC4 it should of pushed the story forward.

deathstriker1803d ago

Just drop it and explore different time periods... we don't need the ghosts of ancient civilizations and other BS as an excuse to enjoy a setting.

phantomexe1803d ago

It's part of the AC lore you can't just drop it.

deathstriker1803d ago

That's not why most people play the games and it's just a convoluted/messy storyline. It would be no big loss. Go to Japan, Egypt, etc... they don't need to be related to Desmond or anyone else.

phantomexe1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

You think they have comics,novels,toys, and games and there modern setting isn't part of that overall lore your wrong. i would agree it's not the best part of AC but it's still part of the AC universe and should always be apart of AC. It links the games so yea! Desmond isn't needed but we still need some form of modern setting.

Eldyraen1803d ago

I don't care if they drop it or not. What I want though is more/better historical settings to explore. It doesn't even have to be AC related.

The open world settings and historical characters are awesome all their own. I still can't believe we haven't seen a copycat. AC games are worth it for that alone IMO and only reason I pick them up.

SciFi is interesting twist but I could pass over it easily enough.

MightyNoX1803d ago

Which is why Liberation didn't have it and this time we're playing a nameless guy in first person mode.

Makes sense to me -sagely nod-