J-Star Victory VS new trailer

As a memorial title appropriate for the W anniversary year, which marks the 20th anniversary of V Jump launching and 45th anniversary of Weekly Shonen Jump first published in 2013, so that the working people from child to, enjoy everyone a wide range of readers beyond the generation, series so far it is a team battle action game that determines the strongest No.1 from cartoon characters are.

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Deathdeliverer1802d ago

I will have this. I only hope that there is some decent combo possibilities. Gon, Kenshin, Ichigo..... lets do this.

gunboss2011802d ago

Chinese Version maybe? The last hope for small localization if it never comes to west.

teflontactics1802d ago

New? Posted October 3rd on Youtube...

miyamoto1801d ago

Where is
Ippo Makunouchi?
Sakuragi Hnamichi?
Yo Asakura Shaman King?

Whxian1801d ago

ippo's not from shounen jump so not happening. the 2 others maybe