New Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Gameplay Video Shows how Havana and Nassau Look on PS4

A new video showing single player gameplay of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag on PS4 has just been released by Sony Computer Entertainment UK.

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GalacticEmpire1805d ago

This is definitely a cross-gen title but it does look superb on PS4.

Abriael1805d ago

It does. Personally, if they look like this, I welcome cross gen titles.

SanMarco1805d ago

Graphics may be good. but realism is still crap. Like that guy walking on the roof or the crowds of people that are the same from ac2. Id rather put my money on the witcher 3.

black0o1805d ago

hey @abriael is there's any Xbone footage i looked but i only keep getting PS4/PC

GarrusVakarian1805d ago

I agree, you can tell its a cross-gen title. But if this looks that good then imagine the next AC games that are next gen only.

nevin11805d ago

looks like a PS3 game.

GarrusVakarian1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Correction, a HD current gen.5 game.

WorldGamer1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Question for all the techies on N4G. Game looks great for a launch title IMO, but in your personal opinion, would this have looked better had it not been in development for the PS3/360 too rather than just PS4/X1/PC?

I was just expecting a lot more from this game in terms of visual fidelity. Also, I do understand that youtube is not the best format to judge visuals, but I still think that a fair amount could be gleaned from this video, given it was a fairly good capture.

Serious responses please, I'm curious about this whole current gen, next gen discussion and whether that makes the difference in the quality of the PS4/X1.

Also, does anyone know if the PS4 version has been confirmed to be 1080p/60fps?

GarrusVakarian1805d ago

"Also, does anyone know if the PS4 version has been confirmed to be 1080p/60fps?"

Pretty sure the SP is 1080p 30fps and the MP is 1080p 60fps.

SOUTHNECK1805d ago

It's pronounced "Nass-saw", not "Ni-sow".

Just sayin'.

theXtReMe11805d ago

The visuals look bland, to me. The character models look current GEN, the trees aren't even blowing. I live at the beach and there is always a wind here. I imagine it's even worse so in Nassau in the Bahamas. The ground textures ,everything just looks current GEN in a high-resolution. Which I am guessing is a side effect of the game being developed for both current and Nextgen. I guess, since Watchdogs has been delayed, I'm sticking to Killzone and Battlefield 4 for launch, along with Madden and NFS: Rivals.

I'm very bummed that Watchdogs got delayed.

Red_eyes_Gremlin1805d ago

I agree with you - The visuals look rly bland.
Look like a current GEN game - No trees blowing in the wind, No leaves falling from the trees while he move thrue them , No physx what so ever (except his cloth)

I dont live near the beach but i have a summer house near a big beach and the wind is always blowing there making waves in the water and the trees moving.

The ground textures i agree on also, The cloth on the character, His hair, all look so current gen : /
No tesselattion (or ps4 version of it) what so ever.

I guess if i by a ps4 it will be in the end of the next gen era when the games rly shine with next gen stuff.

Right now i stay with my Titan Card and my i7 and waiting for Witcher 3 and later StarCitizen

JackISbacK1804d ago

killzone a worst choise but yoir point is right this is an current gen game coming to next gen also even ubi didnt say that its a next gen game it is more current but less next gen still it is having some graphics that can never come to current gen.

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