New Wii game engine promises PS3 visuals - Quantum3 engine claims to be the most powerful in the industry

High Voltage Software is hoping to change the face of Wii video games, with its new Quantum3 engine, which is claimed to enable Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 visuals on the tiny Wii console.

Quantum3 is the result of 15 years development experience and enables developers to make use of advanced graphical features, including better dynamic bump mapping, light effects, glossing and other visual improvements. Additionally, Quantum3 uses a 16 TEV stage material pipeline that can blend up to 8 separate texture sources.

"The Wii platform is capable of a lot more than what consumers have seen so far. We're hoping to raise a new bar," said High Voltage Software CEO Kerry Ganofsky.

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heyheyhey3890d ago

haha good luck with that

ericnellie3890d ago

I've got to agree. I don't believe it, until I see it =)

NO_PUDding3890d ago


If it weren't spamming my post would have been this:


solidt123890d ago

Funny, But hey if it was possible think about what this engine could do for the PS3 and 360. You could then in theory have High end PC graphics on a PS3 or 360. But I think they are dreaming.

duarteq3890d ago

Isn't the GPU a limitation for the consoles ?
The engine might be great but it is always limited by the GPU...

Kirindongo3890d ago

LMFAO whats next crysis on wii.

CaptainHowdy3890d ago


rushbd3890d ago

yea. i cant believe what people says to sell their things.

Maddens Raiders3889d ago

This is comedy gold. After reading the title I almost blew Cheerios & milk all over my screen. Damn you! 8D

somethingSQUISHY3889d ago 480p? Back to the drawing board, dudes.

Apocalypse Shadow3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

with the right devs and the right code.

i used to think games couldn't get any better than atari games,but activision games looked better on the same system(2600).

i used to think games couldn't get any better on NES.but time and time again,nintendo,capcom,konami,e tc., surprised me with sequels with castlevania,contra,mega man and mario.

i'd bet all the gamers in this thread that had a nintendo SNES were floored by donkey kong country's graphics at the time.i sure was.i was trying to figure out how they did that.

same on was treasure able to knock out awsome looking games like gunstar heroes?and sega themselves made games that looked as good as the arcade.which shouldn't have been possible with less memory.and games like flashback just had graphics,story,animation,a.i., etc.delphine were wizards to me.

in modern era,capcom made each resident evil game look more real than the last.when i saw the remake on gamecube and resident evil zero,i was floored again.pre-rendered yes.but still holds up to most next gen games.

as for the demo,i think to achieve the visuals,they will have to have smaller areas or be 2D like little big planet.but we'll see.

don't be surprised though if someone does pull a DK country on Wii.and this is coming from a ps3 fan.

megaton.................what up MADDEN?haven't seen you in a slowed up on posting like i have.

iamtehpwn3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

Thats pretty foolish of you.
We've been playing at 480i/p for a while, it's not that bad.
In fact, if you look at some Statistics, you'd unpleasantly note that a majority of 360/Ps3 owners are running 480i.

ion6663889d ago

i get to play uncharted on wii.i always said motorstorm looked just the wii offroad game

SlappyMcTaint3889d ago

in their defense: think of what they can do at that lowly 640x480 resolution. Imagine the COD4 engine running at that resolution -you'd have 3x the framerate and way more things going on -at the expense of visual detail...

Snipes203889d ago

You would see that this guy never promised PS3 visuals. He said (quoted from IGN) "With Conduit, we are trying to make a Wii game that looks like a 360 title." LOOKS not is. I own a Wii this is great news. I also know the Wii can't push nearly as many polygons as the 360 or PS3. I do however know that real time normal and bump mapping can make up for many polygons if used correctly. Until now, devs have said the Wii can't process these effects or use shaders. Unless this is a joke, High Voltage has found a way to do these things on Wii. Two things: One, this is great info for any hardcore gamer; a 3rd party dev actually takes hardcore gaming on the Wii seriously. Two, the magnitude of these effects are not possible in as great amounts as the other two consoles so stop hating if you are.

jadenkorri3889d ago

then could u imagine this on the ps3 or Wii, let alone the psp or interesting to see..see it to believe it...

gaffyh3889d ago

Lol. OK whatever you say.

somethingSQUISHY3889d ago

I think you completely missed my point. The dev's claim was the ability to achieve PS3-like graphics on the Wii. The problem with that is, the Wii outputs in a maximum resolution of 480p. Comparing that to Uncharted/UT3 running in 720p or GT5: Prologue running in 1080p is like comparing a magic marker drawing to a Pixar CGI animation.

My point being, it's not like 480p doesn't look good, but true-HD is on a whole other level which can't physically be touched by a Wii.

Stop taking facts personally, dude.

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Fishy Fingers3890d ago

I'll believe it when I see it.

Also, if these guys can squeeze those visuals out of a Wii, they need to step up to the PS3/360.

Marcello3890d ago

All these so called wonderful effects running at a stunning 480p :/

perils3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

unlucky fishy. now you have to put up with the height of douchebaggery in the zone that dare not speak its name! (whispers) the open zone. good luck!

BrianC62343889d ago

If they spend a few years on this maybe they can do it. The only problem is the PS3 graphics they'll end up with are the first generation graphics. And the Wii will already be dead and buried. So why bother?

trikster403889d ago

And it looked barely like a PS2 game. Somebody REALLY needs to quit selling those devs crack. Cocaine is a helluva drug!

leon763889d ago

Wow, this previous days are rich in REALLY-OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD-STUPI D news!!!
who appove this sh*t!!!!! Now is [email protected] that are desperate or what!!!!
I just laugh so much with this completly nonsense article, Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!! !!!!!!!!

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Harry1903890d ago

for the PS3 and Xbox360 what happens.....they explode because they can't handle it.....

PR0F3TA3889d ago

bro its a typo... not PS3 its PSP.

jtucker783890d ago still looks like a Wii game.

If you look at the preview images of "The Conduit" on youtube, it doesn't really look much better than Metroid 3.

Some screenshots look OK, but there is no way you'd mistake the game for PS3 or 360.

Bazookajoe_833890d ago

That was funny, i wonder if he´s serious...