Corsual Let's Play: Nuclear Throne

Corsual's EXP writes: "G0rg told me about Nuclear Throne. He linked me a Twitch stream that the developers had set up to allow fans to follow the dev process. Ingenious, I thought. But I didn't have the time to watch, and it quickly faded from memory.

When G0rg gifted me a copy on Steam yesterday, I didn't even make the connection. I was going in blind, as far as I knew, and god damn did it catch me by surprise.

I was expecting another interesting, yet unpolished 'Early Access' game - a trend of late that tickles my aggressiveness just thinking about it (all of a sudden, you just pay for beta access now? When did that happen? Was there a meeting? Why wasn't I invited?!) - however, that's not what I got.

I got a sick new f%#ing roguelike that I can't stop playing.

Today was a good day.

Did you miss the liveshow? No worries, check out the VOD below:

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