Top Ten Things We Love (And Hate!) About Pokemon X & Y

Dealspwn lists some of their favourite - and least favourite - new features in Pokemon X and Y.

"What do you call a Steel-type Pokemon who learns practically no useful Steel-type moves? Honedge. Though this sharp new critter is one of our favourite new designs, its dual steel-ghost type actually makes it vulnerable to pretty much everything except normal attacks, while its horrendously slow speed can only be worked around by taking up valuable space in your moveset with buffs.

And where are the devastating Steel attacks? It's a freaking sword, for goodness' sake! At least you can find Shadow Claw in the Glittering Caves, which is a half-decent ghost type TM."

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kirbyu1805d ago

I found the Sky Battles to be pointless. They restrict which Pokémon you can use, and the Pokémon you do get to use still flies in normal battles, so it's not even interesting.

But it's a great game.