Xbox One allows devs to change worlds without giant patches

Examiner: "Undoubtedly you've logged into your Xbox 360 or PS3 dying to play your game only to find out that you have to download a huge patch before you can play. (Looking at you Battlefield) If not, at the very least you've had to wait while the latest downloadable content installs. In an exclusive interview with John Bruno, Lead Program Manager at Xbox Live, he commented on how that won't need to happen anymore thanks to Xbox One's Xbox Live Compute."

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jay21806d ago

Erm..... Ps4 does this too .. including cloud .....

Lalanana1806d ago

ps4 can do it too. hoorayy... :-p

darthv721806d ago

we can assume ps4 does it too. But how sony approaches patches could be different. I would just expect the ps4 would be better at applying patches than the ps3.

Meaning that patches on ps3 games are a 2 step process. 1st is to download the patch, which you just have to watch download. 2nd is to watch the patch being applied.

At least the 360 approach is you watch the patch download but it is also applied as its downloading.

Sony would do best to, at the very least, match the 360 approach for the ps4. The idea that you can play a game while it is downloading implies their way of patching would be similar to the xb1 but....we will know soon enough.

Tooly1806d ago

yes it can the whole ui is realtime

ballsohard20131806d ago

Sony not being big on dedicated servers is nothing new. People have to understand that these companies are in this for money. Sony's online service was free for YEARS while MS was charging $50 per year with a larger online community...basically thats a lot of money MS made that went into those big bank accounts while also rolling some of that money back into re-invest in the future of online.

Notice how Sony isnt giving away the farm and will now charge to play games online. The online is probably MS's biggest advantage. Keep in mind what each of these companies are. Sony (Electronics aka hardware) and Microsoft (Software/ Technology via Intellectual Property... the software that runs on HARDWARE)

Mike134nl1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Yes it can, but not on the scale as Microsoft. Internet and cloud gaming on the xb1 clearly has been and still is part of Microsoft larger strategy. They are able to implement such services thanks to azure and their large investments in data centres. In the end developers are more likely to do this for xb1 titles, due to server costs.

Meanwhile both consoles are also fine downloading updates in the background.

malokevi1806d ago

Any console that's hooked up to the internet can technically "do it".

Whether or not said company has the infrastructure to offer said capabilities efficiently and for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of players at a time, is another issue entirely.

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schubacca1806d ago

So? Did they say that the PS4 cant?

darthv721806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

So? Did they say that the PS4 can?

nukeitall1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Sony did say PS4 can have dedicated server, but we all know how that went with:

* Titanfalls: not on PS4, because Sony don't have the infrastructure

* KillZone: essentially has P2P with a proxy server

* CoD Ghosts: again has similar setup to KillZone on PS4, but has real dedicated server on Xbox One

So can, doesn't say much either really. Can't can also be turned into a *CAN* or *DO*!

nukeitall1806d ago

It depends on how good it is implemented.

An example, on the Xbox 360 patches would not require a restart of the game. In fact, it quickly downloads the patch while the intro screen is running, logs you out then in, and bam you are playing.

No installation, no waiting for a large patch and more importantly, no restart of the game necessary like on other consoles.

ShowanW1806d ago

This is a bit different. Microsoft is trying to say that a game can basically be updated on the fly in real time without us having to quit the game or anything of that nature

jay21806d ago

@darthv72 Basically a second chip means it's all down in the background as soon as the patch is deployed. So let's say it's day one, patch 1.1 comes out, you put the game in, install and play on and offline, the second chip handles the download and install immediately and seamlessly, Patch 1.2 drops, you're asleep, ps4's not on, you're playing something else, patch downloads and installs as long as you have an internet connection, again this happens in the background and immediately.

3-4-51806d ago

The only problem was Microsoft charging $40,000 per patch.

That was the problem. They were their own problem, and still are.

Microsoft could be so much more epic than it thinks it is.

Regis1806d ago

You do realize that with the development of the Indie games program they dropped the 40k money update crap.

PFFT1806d ago

lol sorry BUT not within the scope of MS could service. I expect a SHITE load of patching on the PS4 imminent future.

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jay21806d ago

God u can even patch games on ps3 with auto updates on.

Mystogan1806d ago

This is not auto updates. This is something completely different.

jay21806d ago

Didn't say it was, I was saying that PS3 can and will patch games for you without your input.

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Elzer1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

PS4 Won't be able to.... Especially at launch. Do your research.

Tooly1806d ago

link since you did research

famoussasjohn1806d ago

I hope this means no more 3-4GB updates for Battlefield lol. It's almost 25GB of space just for that game and it's patches and DLC alone.

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