Xbox One exclusive: Bringing Xbox Live to the next level with Xbox Live Compute

Examiner: "We recently had the chance to sit down and talk with Lead Program Manager at Xbox Live, John Bruno, regarding Microsoft's new Xbox Live Compute. It sounds as if it could change all of the facts we've come to expect over the past eight years of this generation."

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RuleNumber51738d ago

Get me Sunset Overdrive now! Can't wait for that game from Insomniac! Going to be epic.

BallsEye1738d ago

this! and I need my fable legends!

christocolus1738d ago

im also excited for sunset overdrive , halo5 and titanfall..and im begining to feel one of the unannounced titles from ms may be a huge open world game which is already in development using the clouds rpg, dungeon crawler or crackdown maybe...cant wait.

ger23961738d ago

You mean you hope it's epic. Going by fuse, i'd take a wait and see approach.

shahab911738d ago

I am really happy for these next gen consoles. They are definitely a big leap over previous gen. Both x1 and ps4 are amazing pieces of tech. Happy to be a gamer. Doesn't matter if you are xbox fan, Nintendo fan, ps fan or pc fan, you are in for a real treat. =)

BigShotSmoov0071738d ago

I agree with you 1000%. Nice to see real gamers on here from time to time.

BigShotSmoov0071738d ago

I love how we are getting more and more news and videos about the X1 now that we are 5 weeks away from it's launch and a month away from the PS4 launch. We are almost here in the next gen era.