The 5 Worst Gaming Snobs of This Generation

The following list highlights some of the most fun-killing know-it-alls that you tend to encounter as a social gamer. They'll insult you for what you like, marginalize your accomplishments, and generally be a buzzkill. These people need to realize that we're all gamers, and it doesn't matter how you game, we're all part of the same community.

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360ICE1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

There's really only one of these I'd really go as far as calling snobs, and that's PC gamers. I mean, there are plenty of legitimate reasons to prefer PC, graphics included, but some PC gamers do not understand console gamers, because they can't get an ******* unless they're staring at something in 1440p.

While I got the impression that a lot of people were turned off immediately by RYSE because it seemed to be a QTE-fest. Some PC gamers here on N4G seem to think that the game is just now starting to disappoint people because Crytek have lowered their priorities. I'm not saying it's good they did, but I'd rather have an ugly game that plays well than a pretty QTE nightmare. If you'd rather have a pretty QTE-game, than that's great for you, but that's really just your opinion. The article kind of makes that point too.

ifritAlkhemyst1682d ago

There are two types of PC gamers that a console gamer will call a snob.

The first is just that, a snob who ardently believes their platform is superior in every way and cannot conceive of any reason why you would want to play on anything less. They're jerk offs and even I ignore them.

The second is the provoked PC gamer, which I fall into. We really don't care that you like to play on consoles, we might even own one ourselves. What bothers us is when a console gamer says something that is clearly, ridiculously wrong. We correct them. They lash out at us for being douchebag PC gamers instead of, you know, doing a little research and understanding that they were wrong. But god forbid someone admit that on the internet, it's much easier to continue insulting one another.

Oschino19071682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

But why do you care so much if someone clearly isn't sure about what they are saying?

Is it your life mission to correct console gamers who misspoke or do you equally correct pc gamers also when they provoke or talk out of their bungholes?

ifritAlkhemyst1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

@ Oschino:

Obviously anyone. And I don't do it just for gaming, but in life in general.

Imagine sitting in a Composition Lit. class when someone explains that the larger the mass of the animal, the more intelligent the animal is, to give a personal example. Then imagine the entire class blindly agreeing with it. Now imagine that entire class telling other people that same incorrect information, and more people go on believing it. I'm the asshole that stops that misinformation dead in its tracks because it's the right thing to do.

thorstein1682d ago

Most console gamers own PCs and play PC games (oh and mobile (DS and Vita) games as well.

But I would add a sixth snob: The I will purposely rate a game subpar despite its obvious genius snob. (aka the hipster reviewer.) They will also rate mediocre games incredibly high, just to be different.

This is similar to the indie snob, but the hipster reviewer actually has favorite AAA games, which are may be subpar but rated highly by this snob.

SlapHappyJesus1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

This is very much how it is.
There are actually very few "snob" PC gamers on this site. You only see us go on the attack when, as you said, people make ridiculous comments either against PC gaming or for console gaming.
Hell, I was pretty much purely console gaming until early this year. I still plan on owning the new consoles for their exclusives.
I am definitely pro-pc, but that doesn't make me anti-console. Just have your facts straight before you comment on either because I am the sort of person who will go out of my way to correct you . . . aka a "snob".

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darthv721682d ago

they forgot one. 'the (insert demographic) =/= the world' snob. AKA the sales snob.

NarooN1682d ago

You shouldn't say "PC gamer" as a slag-off term, but rather "PC elitist". I have been a PC gamer for ages, but I've never been snobbish about it. I don't see why elitists (and console fanboys) are so adamant about putting others down. I play games, not platforms.

360ICE1682d ago

He used the word PC gamers. I did specify what kind of PC gamers it's reasonable to talk about. So, yeah, basically elitists. But saying that elitists are snobs is like saying that snobs are snobs.

Anyway, all respect to that attitude. I play on PC every now and then too, and can totally see how some people prefer it to console.

MyFeetHurt1682d ago

i fall into provoked pc gamer. i also have an xbox and will be buying xbox one. Love consoles.

just dont try and tell me that any console graphics could be considered "high end."

i have paid to much $$$ on my rig to allow you to tell that lie.

zeal0us1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Some console gamers can be just as snobby as some PC gamers. All PC gamers aren't alike and the same can be said about all console gamers. Sadly both sides tend to get generalize base off the bad apples.

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j-blaze1682d ago

what about naughty dog and their sheep? what about ps3 fanboys?

ALARM-clock1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

I believe that falls under fanboys in general. And what have you got against Naughty Dog?

j-blaze1682d ago

ND is arrogant and disrespectful to other devs and their games are way too overrated.. their fans think they're superior or on par with legendary devs like Kojima Pro or Nintendo which is laughable!

ALARM-clock1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

You're going out of your way to dispute someones opinion? Adjectives don't actually prove anything... and I hate to break it to you, but all the adjectives you just used (arrogant, disrespectful, laughable) could easily be used to describe your behavior right now.

Swiggins1682d ago

No...just no...Naughty Dog is a very talented developer who's been more humble than anything.

Don't drag a good developers name though the mud because a few Playstation fanboys can't keep their foamy mouths shut.

DigitalRaptor1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

j-blaze is still having nightmares about Naughty Dog and the time they collectively banded together and sexually abused Kojima and Miyamoto. Such injustice to come to gaming, we need a union of gamers fighting against devs being abused by other devs.

I imagine these are the kind of dreams he has, but replace the participants with the aforementioned:

My friend, Kojima and Nintendo are laughing at you. Kojima even hugely respects Naughty Dog and he's the one supposedly not receiving justice for his superiority. Get with reality.

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LoveSpuds1682d ago

Are you really suggesting that Naughty Dog make poor games? REALLY?

MyFeetHurt1682d ago

naughty dogs games are pretty over rated. i bought a ps3 SPECIFICALLY because i heard so much awesome crap about uncharted 1-3.


ill put my exclusive a-list vs yours any day.

Half-Life 3 anyone?


Shnooze1682d ago

As it turns out, Valve filed the copyright for it and all, which may indeed hint to it seeing the light of day eventually.

So it's not "never coming out."

MyFeetHurt1681d ago

you must believe in the rapture too

JakemanPS319941682d ago

we know you love to hate on Naughty dog! we get it already, move on! Also how are they "arrogant and disrespectful to other devs"???

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Hazmat131682d ago

PC people are annoying but that does not show off the entire fan base, i just started PC gaming are i met a few nice people who love PC and console gaming. as for J-Blaze thats falls in the ye old PS VS Xbox.

Majin-vegeta1682d ago

For some reason he has an agenda against ND but for the life of me i can't quite figure it out.Hmm ND must have kicked his puppy or something oh well.

darthv721682d ago

Yeah its strange. they are a naughty dog....not a bad dog.

FantasticBoss1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

But... Naughty Dog makes great games, and your quickness to jump onto the PS3 fan boy hate train and bash one of the PS3's most respected devs Mr. Blaze doesn't exactly make you look level headed and impartial.

MyFeetHurt1682d ago

like their only respected dev

TheSsus1682d ago

Sony Santa Monica say "Hi der".

MyFeetHurt1682d ago

whos that supposed to be.

santa monica? sounds gross.

king_george1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )


Dumbass -_-

StockpileTom1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

I'm sorry but it is ridiculous that I can go through assassin's creed games just parry spamming (with a single button and no timing) hordes of foes and coming out victorious and undamaged. If there is no legit chance of failure then how is it a game? How is it fun?

I do love a good story but when the gameplay doesn't match up with the story well it ruins the immersion.

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