Tencent's Mobile Game We Runner Surpassed $16 Million Monthly Revenue - Report

Chinese internet giant Tencent's phenomenal social game for iOS platform We Runner (Chinese name天天酷跑) has reportedly surpassed $16 Million monthly revenue. Report said that We Runner got about $820,000 income from in-app purchase on the day it released on App Store.

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memots1737d ago

wow .... Just wow

This is why my hobby is dying.

majiebeast1737d ago

Yeah you dont even have to make fun games anymore as long as its addictive and a monkey can understand it.

memots1737d ago

I am trying to get my mother in law to stop paying for Candy Crush. She doesn't want to wait for a like and keeps buying them. The money that she sinks in there is ridiculous.

I don't even want to know how much a life cost. I think its a dollar or something.

3-4-51736d ago

casual gamers play this....not normal gamers.

Two different markets in my opinion and they are trying to mix both.

Chevalier1736d ago

Guess that is why they are like the 3rd largest internet company. They did buy Riot games for like $400 million dollars for League of Legends