Titanfall Producer: Titanfall is influenced by Quake, Tribes, Doom and Street Fighter

Respawn Entertainment’s TitanFall is an upcoming Xbox One title that has garnered a lot of attention these days. It has also won a lot of awards from the press. Edge recently conducted an interview with the Producer of Titanfall and asked him about various aspects of their game.

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Xsilver1765d ago

Don't forget Mechwarrior and Brink.

Salooh1765d ago

Agree with both of you ^^ .

GiggMan1765d ago

No Killzone 3 with jet packs and mechs?

DoctorJones1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Tribes did jet packs before Killzone was even a twinkle in its fathers eyes.

Why would it have been influenced by Killzone anyway?

GiggMan1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

And mechs? In the same game?

You all act like I just cussed out TitanFall by mentioning Killzone. Please forgive me for pointing out the similarities.

The fact of the matter is that it would have been a PR shitstorm if Respawn would have said Killzone multiplayer with jetpacks AND mechs was an inspiration...

OrangePowerz1765d ago

Yeah the CoD with Mechs and Jetpacks is not influenced by CoD.

Thehyph1765d ago

To be fair...

Most of these guys made CoD, and given the shitty fallout they had with Activision, they're probably not going to speak of that game again. Also, most people who create things aren't usually in the habit of using their own work as reference of influence.

They are responsible for the first two CoD games, and CoD4:MW. Back then people didn't speak negatively about CoD like they do now.

OrangePowerz1765d ago

I know their history, but they don`t have to pretend that CoD wasn`t a big influence. We all know the goal of Titanfall is to create a virtual middle finger for Activision and well that is done by making something like CoD to try to get the CoD user base. :)

abusador1765d ago

Warhawk/Starhawk anyone?

DoctorJones1765d ago

What's Warhawk? And what's Starhawk?

UbiquitousClam1765d ago

A lot of people just say this is COD with mechs and jetpacks. But I wonder what they say about killzone which also looks and plays like COD but doesn't have mechs and jetpacks and double jumping and wall running and AI teamates and story driven multiplayer.

Titanfall looks genuinely different then other shooters but killzone could just be called Call of duty: Future warfare

abusador1765d ago

Killzone looks and plays like COD? GTFO of here lol hahahahahaha Far from that and the only Killzone that came close to that was kz3 but since KZ SF has been confirmed to play closer to KZ2 which was the daddy of fps when it came out winning numerous awards and having an over 90 meacritic review. Weighty feel, better hit detection, different art style, etc.... does not equal COD.... sorry dude.

And you just killed your whole argument bcus Killzone 3 had jets and mechs, etc.... so what your saying? that titan fall is basically a glorified kz3? So no need for the game?

Haules1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

I don't understand how people claim things about a game without even playing it.

Killzone is not like cod and thanks God it isn't.
COD gameplay feels like players are skating holding paper guns. Killzone player animation feels heavy like holding a real gun and running around with boots and not ice skates.

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