Rumour shutdown - eight more Xbox One myths addressed

OXM UK - "In June I wrote a little feature about some of the more persistent and malignant Xbox One myths, following a troublesome E3 for the platform. It's a testament to the fact that Microsoft hasn't quite nailed down the message that I've found it necessary to write another one, which revisits a few of the usual suspects and hopefully addresses a few more recent controversies."

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Lalanana1707d ago

Good read. Though I must say, no matter how much MS try to correct those Myth, those that hate MS will never accept the truth and will only stick to myths.

dirigiblebill1707d ago

There are still people who think you can't trade in games, which is a bit bizarre.

Captain Qwark 91707d ago

some people just want to watch the world burn!!!!!!! ahhh im awesome :)

but seriously, so many people just hate to hate and want to see everything fail so they will believe what they want and spread bs just to get others to think the same. just how it is

xHeavYx1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

The problem is, most of these "myths" are written in a way that suggests they could change their mind.
Take #5 for example "Microsoft will sneakily bring back Xbox One's DRM"
They address this by saying ""I don't see that ever happening with content you're buying TODAY either on disc and digitally,"

The use of the word "today" suggests it may happen in the future. On the same point, he says "ou need to make sure people can't install games on a bunch of machines" but wasn't that the point of family planning? Everyone seemed to think that was a glorified way to say "Demo", but after it got cancelled, MS said you would be able to install the full game on 10 machines (yeah, right) .
Then you have "rumor" #1Kinect will secretly gather data about you"
They say "If you're concerned about eavesdropping, you can deactivate Kinect's camera and microphone via the console's privacy settings, or simply unplug it"
Then again they use sneaky language, which this publication obviously omits. They say "Penello said no one is working on this", but they forgot to add the word "at the moment"

malokevi1707d ago Show
Emilio_Estevez1707d ago

It's the classic game of telephone. We 'teh hardcore' read the news daily and see every bit and piece that comes down the line. People who aren't as involved and don't read the news daily get the news from people like us or people that heard it from people like us. Sometimes things get left out, changed, misconstrued or forgot entirely. Sometimes it just takes a while for the info to trickle down as well.

Personally told at least 3 friends that particular piece of info was in fact incorrect now.

VENOMACR12271707d ago


Why do people have to pick apart every word and sentence and turn it into something else? Just looking for excuses and ways to stir up trouble. Who's to say 5 years down the road PS won't change something? No one can predict the future. People leave organizations, new people come in with new ideas, things change. Take it for what it is now.

Thehyph1707d ago


"wasn't that the point of family planning?"

Maybe in your book. In my book family planning means the girlfriend and I not getting an STI/STD.

By STD I mean kids.

Biggest1707d ago

When Sony says something may change, or uses phrasing that suggests something may change, feel free to speculate. Until that time we'll continue to speculate about the company that had to change their position in the first place.

The reason Microsoft has to address these issues is because Microsoft created these issues.

indysurfn1707d ago

They try to say,no INSINUATE in number 5 that it is a myth that Microsoft will not bring back the policies. The president (Phil Harrison) that STARTED the announcements in the first place recently said they where just early, and he wants to bring them back. Read the link below! Stop being blind fools I gave you a link to the interview just read it, it is short!

They are just waiting for a few million sales and then they will say okay back THEN we didn't see us bring them back. Guess what they are back. If you want to continue you will have to click 'accept' to the new terms or you will be signed OUT!......suckers!

nukeitall1707d ago

I don't think one can say anything to appease the fangirls, because they only listen and hear what they want to hear!

Every one else moves and play their console of choice.

DragonKnight1707d ago

1. Kinect will secretly gather data about you

Fact: Microsoft has already admitted to this and added the stipulation "if you opt in" for ad purposes. Whether you believe them or not is up for you to decide. Based on their track record, I don't believe them. I also believe they'll find their way to make Kinect mandatory again.

2. Xbox One can't do "true 1080p gaming

Not so much a myth, but not necessarily fact either. The machine is capable of it, the developers? Remains to be seen, excluding Forza of course.

3. Microsoft will sell the Xbox One without Kinect

Myth for sure. It's not going to happen. Especially since they'll be looking at how to make it mandatory again in the future.

4. Microsoft doesn't have any real exclusives or studios.

Made up by the author. No one has ever said that. What has been said is that Microsoft have little exclusives because they've shown that they don't care about first party support with the 360.

5. Microsoft will sneakily bring back Xbox One's DRM.

Possible fact, can't be dismissed as a myth due to the multiple execs who've literally said they're 100% committed to the original (read: DRM filled, anti-used game, pro-control) vision. It's going to happen, count on it. It'll be snuck into the EULA and you won't know it until it's too late.

6. There are manufacturing problems

Impossible to know for certain so it exists as both a myth and a fact depending on what stories you believe are true.

7. IllumiRoom is down for release on Xbox One

I've literally never heard anyone asking about this, or talking about this, for months. So how this can be considered a quashed myth doesn't fit with the fact that it's just not being discussed.

8. Microsoft doesn't care about independent developers.

According to indie devs, this is fact. And who should be believed in this situation, Microsoft or indie devs?

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pompombrum1707d ago

While there are certainly many close minded ignorant people who will never accept the Xbox One, I think 5 and 8 in particular are myths of Microsoft's own doing and they only have themselves to blame.

Blaze9291707d ago

lmao great article. sounds like this was meant to directly address the fanboy haters. A lot of the points addressed sounded like conspiracy theories from tin foil hat wearers.

stiggs1707d ago

@ xHeavYx

Where do you buy your tinfoil hats? My deranged, paranoid uncle has a birthday coming up and I'd like to get him a new one.

stiggs1707d ago

@ aiBreeze

John McAfee says "hi".

n4rc1707d ago

Ed snowden also never once said the word Xbox..

If your dense enough to think your hotmail and skydrive accounts cant be accessed by the feds legally, then your a fool..

Same goes for Skype feeds.. If they have a warrent, its gonna happen. Its wire tapping in the 21st century... Dont like the laws, blame your government and yourselves for allowing it..

s8anicslayer1707d ago

Problem with negative rumors is that once they are started they never really go away.

buynit1707d ago

Especially on n4g..

I know for a fact im going to read "how can you support them after they tried to screw the world with drm" well into the ps5 and the next xbox

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MCTJim1707d ago

No matter how much things get cleared up..people cherry pick and blow it out of proportion..a fine example is the overheat issue with the PS4. Logically looking one could tell it just heated up in the case...and shut down to prevent damage.

Any time MS tries to clarify, someone cherry picks and harps even if it was explained and the normal people get it.

WeAreLegion1707d ago

Great article. I'm glad Microsoft has fixed the issues we all had with the Xbox One. Still, would it kill them to apologize for treating us like criminals?

jackanderson19851707d ago

why should they apologize exactly? they tried a new approach, it bombed horribly so they reversed pretty much every reason behind the bomb

VENOMACR12271707d ago

How were "we" treated like criminals? Aren't criminals punished? Don't criminals break the law or do something unlawful? Last I checked, MS didn't make you buy an X1. I think MS going back on DRM and Kinect was a way to say "sorry." They knew they messed up and corrected it. So move on already, get over it. It's a company out to make money, just like Sony. Don't like it? Don't buy it.

WeAreLegion1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

Assuming everyone pirates everything is how they treated us like criminals. Criminals DO break the law and they were trying to prevent that from restricting us to hell and killing off the used game industry. Imagine if Ford or Toyota said that their used cars will shut down if you try to sell them to someone else, just so they can make more money. That wouldn't fly with anyone.

I didn't say we were criminals. I said they treated us like criminals. See the EA SimCity fiasco. Putting harsher restrictions on something so people won't steal is treating them like criminals.

H0RSE1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

Are you dizzy from the amount of spin you just put on that perspective?

In reality, there is absolutely nothing wrong with "killing" used games sales, since the choice to do so (sell/trade used games) is a personal choice, not one inherently tied to any console. PC gamers can't trade, sell or buy used games, yet PC gaming is doing pretty well for itself.

Personally, I see no point in trading/selling used games. Why would you buy a game, just to trade it in later? Do you this with other items in your home? That entertainment center you game on - when you're just not "feelin" it anymore, do you pack it up and go to the store and say, "yeah, I don't really like this anymore, can I get a new one?" The entire used game model just seems very shady and exploitable.

If you weren't sure of a game and bought it anyway, that's your problem. Many gamers use Gamefly to avoid this. The option to buy/keep games your rent, at discount, is just an added bonus.

One of their key features was the family share plan, and as explained in the article, if such a mechanic were to exist, there would need to be protocols set in place to help prevent people from abusing it. It's not so much that they think you personally are a criminal, as it is that they know pirating exists and that there is always an asshole (often times many) in the crowd looking to game the system and ruin it for everyone.

You're putting the blame on the wrong people. It's not MS's fault they need to essentially "cover their ass" because unfavorables want to take advantage of things where they can. Think of it like this - Why do people lock their cars when they go out to the mall or out to eat? Is it because they assume everyone is a criminal?

Finally, the used game market (which Gamestop pretty much has a monopoly over) is a prime contributor to the stagnation of creativity and innovation in the industry, since 100% of your money goes to Gamestop, and zero goes to the devs.

Sure, you have many indie titles with fresh ideas, but as far as AAA titles go, more often it's simply more of the same, often in the form of sequels or recycled mechanics with a "new IP" label slapped on it.

OrangePowerz1707d ago

To be fair that DRM could come back in the future isn`t out of the question. The people saying it won`t happen are the people that first said it wasn`t possible to remove the DRM or have Kinect disconnected because both have been so integral to the console that it couldn`t be done.

indysurfn1707d ago

@OrangePowerz Not only that, but they are the first people that was saying it was just a false rumor! In fact there are still some fanboys that say Microsoft never was going to do those things. These people they where FOOLED by insinuating words. Just like the words that xheavy is pointing out. They are now still defending the SAME non committal words. Two different executives one, in Europe, one the PRESIDENT of Xbox, has said they want to bring the policies back! See link

I think if you believe they are not coming back it is because you are desperate to believe they are not coming back.

MightyNoX1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

1) true: Yusuf Mahdi has touted this to advertisers

2) true: Forza only managed to do this after discarding so many features. XBone is. 900p machine and has been confirmed numerous times.

3) neither: it is impossible to determine at this moment but it ps4 completely dominates, you can bet ms will release a 'hardcore gamer' kinect less edition

4) true: Microsoft only has halo and gears. Kinect games do not count.

5) true: it is inevitable

6) neither: not a problem per se but yield troubles are feasible. They are still making last minute adjustments to this poorly pasted together cable box.

7) irrelevant: no one cares about illumiroom, neither the defenders not the haters.

8) true: only after gamers got on their back did Microsoft do something. Sony gave indies coverage and made it easier for them to self publish. Microsoft execs only relented last August

Another day, another shill defense. Peace.

stiggs1707d ago


Another day, another pathetic troll. Peace.

MightyNoX1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

What's the matter? Brain got tired after writing one sentence? Pfft. I could write more but your short attention span mi--......

stiggs1707d ago

@ MightyNoX

Oh, I've seen your idea of proper gaming journalism. I read the first few sentences of your recent blog but I stopped after you compared a video game console manufacture to a rapist. That infantile allegation was enough for me to assess your level of maturity and intelligence.

DigitalRaptor1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

@ stiggs

How is all of this trolling? Microsoft have been lying for years and OXM are nothing more than a publicity outlet for all good news Microsoft. They've been damage controlling alongside Microsoft PR for the past few months.

1) Yusuf Mehdi gave an intentional speech at the Association of National Advertisers Masters of Marketing Conference addressing the advantages of using personal data gathered from Kinect to sell the idea to marketers of Kinect, all for purposeful effect.

The Xbox One dashboard was also created with advertising in mind, admitted by Microsoft themselves: http://www.sticktwiddlers.c...

When put together, you can see the spin and lies. Why would they do all of this and not follow through with it, when the signs are all pointing towards it?

2) We have another leaked source from CBOAT (supposedly works for MS) who has been correct on most of the reported occasions. Here we have another:

Now Microsoft has history of rushing out their console with issues, and the over-clocking they have implemented in the past few months to try and compete with technologically superior hardware, supports this.

3) Well, I don't think anyone really thinks this is going to happen. Microsoft are not really about giving you more choices. Your purchase is naturally fronting the cost for the Kinect and since we now know the real reason why they wanted Kinect in every living room (advertising and marketing data gathering), the console is never going to be sold without the camera.

4) Most of the stuff your'e seeing early on from Microsoft are things that were meant to be 360 exclusives but were brought forward for the specific purpose of strengthening the launch lineup of their next console. However, no one really said this - it was that Microsoft have shown nothing of the sort with their first party exclusives on the 360.

DigitalRaptor1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

@ stiggs (cont.)

5) How is this a myth? HOW??? The DRM is in the console when it ships, when it reaches your home, and needs to be patched out for some strange(?) reason. Next on the list: Both Phil Spencer and Phil Harrison have mentioned that they are sticking to their vision of how you will buy, access and play your games.

Of course they're going to bring back the DRM, of course they are. What kind of company that is inherently anti-consumer would not go along with anti-consumer plans that have been many years in the making, when given another opportunity?

6) Perhaps not, but there have been multiple reports regarding issues with the console itself, so not only would people be wise to stay away from the console at launch due to the company's history with RROD and not giving a damn about the consumer until a risk of class action lawsuit fell their way, but it also appears that they are rushing out their console to compete with Sony's machine even though the Xbone was due in 2014.

7) Illumiroom is a nice concept, but as i've said before it;s nothing feasible. Everything in your gaming room would have to be completely and utterly flat for you to even get a semblance of something immersive, and even then, when the projection leaves the dedicated LCD panel, the visual quality is atrocious, and the opposite of immersive.

8) If Microsoft cared as much about independent developers as they did AAA developers, they would have indie games on their console day one. In fact, they aren't getting any until some time in 2014. For a company that supposedly made it easier for indies to come to their platform and make games, this is a massive misdirection. A massive one. They've had to introduce new policies so that developers can even begin to consider working on their platform.

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