New Super Mario 3D World screenshots

Check out brand new Super Mario 3D World screenshots showing new areas.

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_QQ_1403d ago (Edited 1403d ago )

WOW these are great, 3D world is def going to be up there with the greatest games of the year.Tokyo EAD is so great.

josephayal1403d ago

New super Mario 3D-MEH!,Maybe I'm wrong But I just want something bigger

3-4-51402d ago

Still want Mario 64-2.

If I knew how to make video games I'd do it myself.

LKHGFDSA1403d ago

looks pretty different from the reveal trailer.
not as similar as the 3DS one which is good.

Neonridr1402d ago

Nice lighting and reflection effects. Game is looking sharp!

BenRage31402d ago

Is there a more gorgeous game coming out this year? So . . . bright . . . so shiney . . . must purchase Wii U . . .

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