Hands on with the Nintendo 2DS


We've got a 2DS and that means we can show you in video just what it looks like.

In the video below you'll see us open the box, play around with the buttons and also compare the system to the 3DS XL.

Want to see the 2DS? Look no further.

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jordypordy1734d ago

Looks ok. It makes 3DS XL look even better though.

CalebZachary84111734d ago

I think it looks pretty slick. If I can't find a good deal on a XL, I'll get it.

MajorGecko1734d ago

i would buy one as a pokemon and zedla machine but the 3DS XL looks so much better when its right beside it ughhh

GentlemenRUs1734d ago

Cor! £106.99 for a hand-held which is small and non-foldable?


AbortMission1734d ago

It looks even more of a kids toy than the original system Lol.

Someone needs to get Nintendo a decent designer that specializes in hardware aesthetics.