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Valhalla Knights 3 from XSeed games can best be described as “really wanting to be an MMO.” Don’t be fooled—it’s not an MMO. It is, in fact, a single-player JRPG, but everything about it feels like it was designed for a massive multiplayer affair.

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Nabbic1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

The review is a little harsh, but I paused reading when you complained about strength differences in genders to post this comment.

Okay, here it goes.
We are a sexually dimorphic species. It is the basis of our genetic structure and millions of years of evolution that the average male has more physical strength than the average female. This is why we split Olympics into different genders.
This doesn't apply to every single man and women, and I understand that.

However, there is nothing wrong with a game utilising sexual dimorphic statistics for added realism, or character individuality.
It isn't sexist, it isn't wrong, it's nothing to even note.

I'm not going to dismiss your entire review based on that note, and will continue to read it, however that issue needed to be highlighted.

In addition, changing the bust size isn't sexist, either. It's about as sexist as allowing to chest size in a male.
In fact, allowing greater body control to the player means that women playing the game can refine their character further to improve the self insert realism.

Now, if there was a cameltoe slider, I'd side with you slightly. But I'd still not call it sexist. Distasteful, yes, but it doesn't mean you hate women, or want to oppress them... Distasteful.
So, I have a request. That you journalists stop using the term sexist unless it actually is. Instead, use distasteful.

Saints Row had a bulge slider... Did I find that sexist and complain? Hell no!
I laughed my ass off and wouldn't give a damn if another game had that option.
But when it's for a female, it's sexist and the industry needs to tone it down?

Blastoise1742d ago

Nailed it dude, have a well said

stavrami1742d ago

well said people take things far to seriously and have morales sitting in the wrong place. cod i believe is adding woman this year so what it was not sexiest before when they didn't give that option ?? also running round shooting other players and t-bagging them is a joke but entering a hostess club has crossed the line ?? the human race needs to examine itself thats all i can say

knifefight1741d ago

I was kinda thinking the same thing.

dbjj120881742d ago

Maybe if it comes out on PS+

wynams1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

The reviewer sounds like he hates MMOs and focused on any aspect of VK3 which had been done ever in an MMO = bad.

"To be honest, Valhalla Knights 3 is the perfect concept for a portable game. Since the game is so based around grinding and raising your character, it’s easy to pick up your Vita, do a quest or two, and put it down just as easily. You're always making progress no matter how short your spurts of play are."

"I was dropped into the game’s world which is actually quite interesting. Valhalla Knights 3 takes place in a prison that has become so big, it has transformed into its own city run by convicts. Cool. You are sent there as spies for the empire in order to dig up info in preparation for an important mission. Cool."

So it must be -2 points for having quests (like MMOs) and -.5 points for being sexist since choosing a female reduces your strength.

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