GTA Online is hacked, first players with rank 1000

PSX-Sense writes: "You'd think that everything would be fine now all the GTA Online problems are solved, but unfortunately it's not true. On several forums people are selling GTA Online money which they will get for you in a few minutes. Head over to our website for more information regarding the hack."

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GarrusVakarian1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

Just like every other AAA game with an online component. CoD leaderboards are hacked before its even released. Lets's hope these cheaters get banned, id rather play the game legit and get my money's worth.

Luckily i only play with friends so i never run into any cheaters.

KrisButtar1679d ago

maybe Microsoft banning people in another article has something to do with this.

bub161679d ago

such a big game, why would you cheat. its fun unlocking stuff and slowly upgrading :(

n4rc1679d ago

I coulda told you it was hacked a long time ago...

When record lap times are 25 seconds on a 3 minute race, you know something is up