RPGs: A Rant (G&P)

Whatever happened to RPGs? And to be more precise, why do they struggle in telling the stories that they used to? I look at RPGs like I look at books. If a book can't grab my attention and hold it within the first chapter, I stop reading it. Similarly, if an RPG can't grab and hold my attention in the first hour, I stop playing it. This system has only been in place over the past few years since the advent of things like particle effects, 3D normal mapping, etc. You know, the things that developers now use in lieu of writing a decent story.

Author: Zach Hines

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PS360WII3888d ago

aww I thought he was going to talk gameplay :( that seems to be the biggest problem in these new RPG's. Crisis Core is a great movie I'll say that and Rings of Fate is a fun story but why all these action RPGs?

LaChance3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Where is the STORY. Thats the most imortant thing in a RPG.

Nowadays alot of RPG's are BOOOOOOORING. To this day the boringest rpg's Ive played are FF10 ( probably the most predicatble and stereotyped characters and story in a FF . )

FF 12 : story inexistant. Squear should go back to the roots for FF13 and not try to make a single player MMORPG like FF12.

Blue Dragon : no comment

Best story yet in a FF : FF 9

By the way LO and Eternal Sonata stories were great